The Science Behind A Popular Podcast

Podcasting is a powerful promotional mechanism. It’s funny because it seems so many marketers are blinded by video that they ignore podcasting/audio. Any targeted audience in a market that buys is an audience that’s good enough. But why can this be fact? As you know, the only requirement is an MP3 player, so it’s no problem at all to pass your podcasts around. Podcasts are portable and can be listened to while driving a car – unlike videos. So, it’s our pleasure to reveal a couple of effective podcasting strategies that you can put to use right away.

Write out a thoughtful plan for your podcast after you have decided what the topic will be about. But don’t stress over it, you can create a great podcast without making your plan or script 100% comprehensive to the last detail. Sure that can help you ensure that you stick to your chosen time frame and it allows you to polish your material ahead of time but it is not absolutely required.

One thing you can do is divide the total amount of time by the topics you want to cover. Of course there is nothing wrong with stream of consciousness discussion if you can do that well. But your plan will help you to remain on your topic. It’s true that people online are impatient and with short spans of attention, so don’t make your podcasts too long. Naturally, you need to record in a quite room. You can find that your mic will still pick-up unwanted sounds sometimes, but you can edit them out. You can always try to coordinate your recordings during quiet times in the house. A quiet space makes it easier for your microphone to pick up on your speech and not other things that are going on. If your mind is not on the possibility of being interrupted, then your podcast will be better.

Asking for feedback about your podcasts will always help you no matter what. It’s always best to be impersonal about it, so just ask for good and negative feedback. Then, see how you can improve from the process. The people who listen to you will always appreciate being asked for their ideas for future podcasts. This can be scary-especially if your ego is fragile-but it can also be very helpful. The thing about it is that those who listen to you will like that you want to know what they think. If you implement their suggestions as best you can (the ones you find appropriate), they will know that you pay attention to them. There’s always room for improvement, and you can accomplish a lot more by doing this.

Podcasting isn’t as popular as video, for example, but it can be just as powerful when done right. Also, you can charge people for access to your content, or do what most do and give it away for free, perhaps use social bookmarking SEO to build up listeners and subscribers.

Regardless of whether you’re an affiliate or not, you can effectively market your promotions using podcasts. Once your audience trusts you, you can promote anything you like and have a stable of ready and willing buyers listening to everything you have to say and do whatever you want them to do. It’s really no secret at all to making win/win business relationships.