The Advantages of Article Marketing for Internet Marketers

As an Internet marketer, it’s your job to keep pushing the limits and try out new ways to promote your product online. There are so many diverse marketing methods, that have been around for quite a while, that remain untouched even though they work great. Article marketing is one such method that gives you great returns for the time and effort you put into it. There are so many incredible and interesting internet marketing methods, but article marketing is an old standby that retains one-of-kind qualities.   It’s also effective being used combined with other traditional strategies like SEO marketing and utilising the social networking sites.

The reason is because it’s free to start with and doesn’t require a lot of resources. Your risk is your time, and the potential ROI can be most impressive. The one thing about this strategy is that it’s like planting something because it will require some patience to see the results you want. So we’ll be covering 3 excellent benefits of article marketing in this article.

The single most significant advantage of article marketing is that you get people visiting your website who have read your articles out of interest in the topic you are covering. You have an audience who have read your article and decided to click to your site to find out what you have to offer. Article marketing, then, can help you sell your products by getting you visitors with a real interest in what you offer. For example, let’s say you’re promoting a “dog training” ebook through your articles. When someone who wants to find out about dog training sees your article and finds it useful, he or she will visit your site and might buy your ebook as well. This way, you make sales and your visitors get the information they need.

Another benefit of article marketing is that you can use it to build your own targeted email list. Every Internet marketer knows the value of having your own mailing list, and since the traffic you get from articles is highly targeted, you can actually create a strong list of subscribers. The advantage here is that it’s totally up to you how you fast you want to build your list.

You can get your optin offer in front of more eyes by publishing more articles. Just think about the time when your list is large enough, and you’re making enough money from it, so you don’t have to worry about getting so many articles out there.

You may also want to put together an ebook, using some of your articles, which can be used as a free gift to promote your website or newsletter. You can have a report or ebook spreading around the web, and more and more people will be reading it. Make it easy for your visitors and subscribers to download your ebook, which should have links to your website on every page. Your report can circulate, as people who download it also give it away, and to facilitate this, include re-distribution rights. Use your best content when you put together your reports, and design them attractively. You may end up with one of those ebooks that goes viral, if people keep spreading it and talking about it. You would never have to worry about getting visitors if this happens.

Article marketing has stood the test of time over and over, and it’s not going anywhere. It can give you consistent results if you take the time out to put it into action. Always experiment and test in your marketing and advertising, and that includes this method, as well.