Effective Methods for Getting Targeted Traffic to Your Squidoo Lens

Every Internet marketer knows the value of building targeted pages on authority sites because it helps them get ranked easily. Squidoo is one of the most popular authority sites for marketers to use to reach out to their target audience. In the following article we shall be looking into three distinct tips to help you promote your Squidoo lens and get more visitors to it.

One of the most effective methods for Squidoo is implementing search engine optimization. The reason for this is simple, Squidoo is an authority site and that means your lenses can get high rankings easily. To do this, though, you need to ensure that your lenses are optimized correctly so that you can leverage the power Squidoo has in the search engines. The most efficient way to achieve this is by including keywords in your title and utilizing the same keywords in your content. Using the tags in your lens is another vital but often overlooked tip. Squidoo permits the addition of forty tags per lens you own. To maximize your SEO efforts, you can comfortable include up to twenty. Tags are used by search engines to understand the content and to navigate through it, which is why search engines adore them. Thus, your lenses will gain a better ranking in the SERPs. Your tags have to be unique, just like your content, and they must include a combination of single keywords as well as key-phrases. Also, you mustn’t forget to activate the “contact me” button on your profile in Squidoo. This means that you don’t have to provide people with your email address but they still have a way to get in touch with you when the visitors start arriving.

Building links internally between all of your lenses is another approach that is not used often enough. If you want your lenses to grow steadily at the same time, then you should be providing exchange traffic to them. In order to get good results from this, make sure all the lenses in your account are on similar topics. This will allow you to create an internal linking structure that will help to increase your search engine rankings. Sites with good internal linking are loved by Google. One good example is a site like Wikipedia, which is clearly adored by the search engines, that has a large internal linking structure. You must no ignore the importance or the power of internal links. Many internet marketers resort to this approach to drive more and more visitors daily. Despite the fact that it might take a while for results to show up, this is one of the best ways to generate more traffic over the long term.

Don’t overlook the importance of getting your lens to rank well within a specific Squidoo category. What this means is that lenses that are popular on Squidoo are better received by the search engines. The search engines are often like a big popularity contests and reward the pages they feel are already popular. By taking the time to ensure your Squidoo page is well liked by Squidoo, you’re ensuring that your page will be recognized by the search engines. Don’t overlook this if you want your page to do well in search engine results.

With these great tips, your Squidoo lens can enjoy more targeted traffic right away. Generate traffic today with these tips but lay the foundation for more traffic to your lens down the line with these tips. You just need to get your lens ranked to begin with and then all you’ll need to do is maintain the rank you’ve earned for your keywords. Why are you waiting? Go ahead and take action! The more effort you put into growing your lens, the higher exposure you’ll get for it.