Time to Vary that Anchor Text

Now if you follow the latest in SEO tactics, you’re probably aware about the advice on anchor text. For the last couple of years the general concensus has been to keep exactly the same anchor text (the keywords you’re trying to rank for) from as many inbound links as you can.

A few people (me included) have always been rather unhappy about this – it simply screams out that the page is being optimised for SEO purposes. Although not quite as obvious as the once effective keyword stuffing, it is lets say not exactly hard to spot.
An algorithm as complex as the search engines would have little difficulty in discounting pages with an obvious manipulated pattern of anchor text links. Unfortunately despite misgivings the problem is that maintaining this rather spammy consistency has until now seemed to work – but I think it’s changing.

Since the caffeine update all my web pages with such an artificial link profile have suffered in the SERPs. I have also noticed when analysing the competition for keywords I would like to rank for that websites with exact matches of thousands of keyword anchors are becoming rare. In fact I’m increasingly seeing websites ranking for very difficult keywords with NO matching Anchor Text Links – imagine that !!!

It was bound to happen of course, by having a ranking system that is heavily determined by a factor such as the number of links with matching anchor text – your bound to get crappier search engine results. Why focus on the content when you can just build links instead.

But folks believe me it is changing, now is the time to start varying that anchor text big time, but see it is an opportunity to rank for other relevant terms rather than a big penalty. It was bound to happen, SEO is almost inevitably going to become a more subtle art form as it develops. Clicking a button to send thousands of Xrummer links to your new web site to get in ranked highly was of course convenient but it was never going to last !