Best Casino Affiliate Program – Making SEO Pay

There are many problems with making money from casino and roulette sites. Finding the best casino affiliate program is just one of them but it is definitely one of the most important decisions you can make. Make no mistake you can have the greatest casino site on the web, get related traffic streaming through your site but choose the wrong casino to promote and you’re wasting your time.

Believe me when I say, stay away from the glitzy unknown casinos, that offer huge bonuses and overly generous affiliate schemes – 50% share of nothing is still nothing. There are plenty of online casinos that will rip off both affiliates and their players so stay away from these. The best affiliate program for a casino is the one that treats it’s players well and makes the affiliate money – that’s why it’s so hard to find a good one.

So What is the Best Casino Affiliate Program

Of course there’s no single answer to this question, however I can tell you the ones that have worked for me. First of all you need to look at the market you’re targeting – the casino site market is split down the middle geographically. Most of the best, safest and well run online sites are in Europe with a doubt however because of strange US legislations none of them will accept players from the USA. You have to think carefully about this or you’ll find yourself in my position – huge amounts of American traffic but all my casino sites didn’t accept US players, clever huh !

Here are the best Casino sites in my opinion to promote to European players.

Dublin Bet Casino
There are two problems with the majority of online casinos – firstly they are all computer controlled by a random number generator. This is fine accept it puts a lot of people off, you go all in on black and the computer spins a red – it’s hard not too feel cheated! You feel like you’re playing against a computer (a computer who knows what you have bet on!) – believe me many players feel the same.

The second issue is that most casino games are unsociable, sitting looking at an animated roulette wheel is just boring. There is no fun, social interaction or distraction to add to the game. Again a game like roulette loses lots of it’s fun when played on an animated wheel.

Fortunately there are now a large number of online casino operators who recognize this and have created the live casino experience. They have cut out the animations and use video streaming to allow you to play live games with a real croupier. There is one site which has actually gone a step further though and streams it’s live games from a physical casino which you can play. This means that you play alongside the people who are physically in the casino, playing the same games with them. It’s way more fun and your players will think so too, I promoted 4 casinos online alongside each other for 6 months and the Dublin bet scheme generated 6 times as much income as the other 3 combined.

Here’s there Affiliate Scheme Link – Dublinbet Affiliate

They pay the next month, usually before the 5th or 6th and can pay in a variety of sources including checks or bank transfers. The cheapest and easiest forms I’ve found is using Moneybookers though.

When it comes down to it I think this is the best casino affiliate program simply because it makes the most profits and the players enjoy it.

Casino Affiliate Program for US Players

It took me a while but I finally realised (doh) that many of my visitors simply could not join the online casino I was promoting so I had to find the best one that would accept online players from the USA. I believe I have found the best one to promote – they’re called Bodog. They basically just play fair, the odds of winning at most of their games are higher, the customer support is great for affiliates and players, plus they always pay up.

They want offer the ridiculous 3 times bonuses that some suspect sites will offer, simply because they honor their bets. I’ve been an affiliate with them for a while and they’ve been 100% honest with me and seem to have a great reputation throughout the industry.

Here’s the link to their affiliate site if you want to sign up, make sure you have a website set up before hand – it will help your application greatly.

Starting off your casino affiliate site can be a little daunting, they’re some incredible sites around. So I’d like to offer you some help to get started – try out this wonderful, free casino wordpress template – available to download here