Promote Your Business With Facebook -Effective Strategies

Facebook is now one of the primary business marketing tools on the planet. If you haven’t begun to use Facebook for your business yet then you are really missing out on something important. But exactly how do you go about using it to your benefit?

Don’t Be a Huge Corporation: People on Facebook generally want to connect with someone that’s real; they don’t want to create a relationship with a huge, faceless corporation. In other words, if you’re 35, have a family and live in Florida, share this with people and don’t just talk about your company. People on Facebook are interested in socializing and networking in a personal manner, not just talking about business. That’s why the way to get involved in this kind of online community is to connect with people in a social and personal way.

You Should Not Sell on Facebook -It’s not a good idea to blast your friends on Facebook with offers or pitches. Social networks can be effective for driving traffic to your own site, but this has to be done carefully. Rather than directing your Facebook friends to a sales letter, a better strategy is to use a lower key, pre-sell page. The point to remember is that the atmosphere on social networks is just that, social, so you should suggest things to people rather than try to sell them outright. You’ll get more leverage out of Facebook if you don’t try to sell directly. As long as you’re tactful and friendly about it, there’s nothing wrong with telling people about your product, blog or website.

The Notes Application: When you’re on Facebook, you should post notes as well as status updates. Notes are another area on Facebook where you can post content, and you can use this for any purpose you want; it’s another useful way to share items with your contacts. As with your updates, insert your primary keywords in your notes so that they’re optimized for the search engines.

Have Fun: Enjoy yourself; it is the most important thing in this situation! If you are going to use Facebook alongside your business, you need to commit yourself to it and have fun with that commitment. If you look at it as nothing more than just another time consuming and boring task, that’s exactly what it is going to turn out to be. Be passionate about things and try to look at Facebook as a totally new method of doing business. There are literally tons of ways you can use Facebook to improve your business, but it doesn’t mean you should do everything, because it’s important that you also enjoy the whole process. To sum it up, Facebook is going to continue to grow its network and will be here a long time to come. If you are not using it to benefit your business, then you should begin to re-think your strategy. Go ahead and start working on your “social media” attack plan if you haven’t yet because that’s where the real gold is.