Generating Relevant Traffic from StumbleUpon

If you’re brand new to the web, or online marketing, then StumbleUpon is a social networking, or media, website that has existed for quite a few years. This is perhaps the ultimate social proof and sharing sites since the model it operates on involves people recommending interesting news and stories. For Internet marketers and webmasters though, StumbleUpon is a great way to funnel in targeted traffic that actually converts. There is no reason why you cannot tap into this, but as per usual you need to use the ideal approach.

When you publish your content, be sure that you do not waste anyone’s time with reading it. Often times in writing there are two main factors; the information conveyed plus your own writing voice. Learn how to write in a manner that gets to the point and is easy to understand. This will increase the probability of your links getting more votes, and thus getting more visitors. The worst thing you can do is make people feel like you have wasted their time, so avoid doing that.

Secondly, when you are passing links along ensure that it is to a particular page and not just pointing to the home page. Stumblers usually do not stay with one website when they choose to look for new information. In the Internet world, speed matters and time is scarce, so make sure you’re only linking to targeted pages on a site. Basically, it will be a waste of time when you provide a link to the homepage when the article in question is on an inside page.

Last, start a targeted site for your StumbleUpon users and do everything possible to keep it filled with practical content that you users will appreciate. Do not make a sales type webpage because the StumbleUpon crowd will want something that is valuable and not filled with sales hype. You have the right to put in product into your website Producing your website just for the purpose of StumbleUpon users will make it higher in rankings when it comes to the competition. It is not difficult to get up to speed there, and that will help you tremendously. This is not a get rich quick or overnight process, and so just accepting that fact will make it easier for you. Your rewards will have to learn to wait, but play your cards right and you’ll see nice rewards.