Boosting the Rate at Which Your Website is Crawled

The crawl rate for a given website means how fast Google’s bots come back to check for updates and new content. There are plenty of different things that can have a big impact on website crawl rates. The one thing you need to take home after reading this article is just how important it is for the success of your website that it is crawled as often as possible. So, exactly how does a higher crawl rate benefit you as a website owner? The answer is more exposure – the higher number of times Google sends it’s spiders/bots to your site, the more often your pages get indexed and ranked.

When you take these steps to attract Google’s spider bots you’ll reap the reward in improved page rank and faster indexing of new content you’ve added.

Slow attracts slow so make sure your pages load quickly if you want crawlers to return to your site quickly. If you want Google bots to give your site some serious attention then you’re going to have to make sure they feel welcome and invited in quickly by boosting the load time for your pages. It only takes a few small tweaks to improve load times considerably. One way to do this is to eliminate all unnecessary images from your site. Reducing the page load time for your site with common sense tactics like this can get your site a lot more attention from Google and the other major search engines. If you want your website to appear professional and relevant to Google, then make sure you’re not overloading it with big and heavy pages. Keep the pages your site has on task and as small as possible. Keep the page size small whenever you have the opportunity to do so. If you’re using a content management system such as WordPress then see to it that there aren’t any unnecessary widgets on your blog that may hamper things. This is something that will not only impact the crawl rates of your site but also user appreciation by your visitors. When you hire someone to design your page it’s important to make your wishes known when it comes to page size and loading times.

The major search engines deeply dislike plagiarized material so avoid it on your site. Google in particular hates it. Using unique content on your site that isn’t seen elsewhere makes the big players in the search engine business much happier campers. If Google finds that you’re posting duplicate content, your site may get penalized and come down in ranking. With recent changes in the algorithm at Google there have been harsher consequences for sites that are using “rehashed” or copied content. But you need to do more than just add original content, the content you add must also provide value to your site.

Make your site as valuable to readers as you can and in the process you’ll find that you’ve made a good match for the search engines too. Now, what we discussed in the above article about increasing the crawl rate of your site is not just to get the Google bots to visit your site more, but it’s also about adding more value to your site in terms of usability. This will not only help the Google spiders, but it will also make your site more approachable to your visitors.