Discover What It Takes to Stop Click Fraud

Running a PPC campaign is the best way to drive instant, targeted traffic to your website or blog. However, if you’ve done PPC even for a while, you should know the problem of click fraud. A lot of money can be lost for the advertiser if steps aren’t taken to prevent click fraud. The following article will discuss how you can fight click fraud and continue to avoid it over time.

Create an Unusual URL. That does sound technical, but it is easy to do. Defining a unique URL for your sales page will that works well with your PPC campaign is all that means. Its easy, just copy your sales page and save it under another URL. For example, if your website is selling “health supplements” and URL is, go ahead and save it as You can also make a sub-domain page in much the same way such as Because that’s where the cloned pages will stay, you can then use them for your PPC campaign. This will filter out all the other types of traffic coming to your site since your cloned page will only be getting the traffic coming from your PPC campaign. Don’t link this page to anywhere else because that could dilute the traffic. Its important to keep your eyes on the visitors who come only from your PPC campaign.

Geotarget Your Ads in the Correct Manner: One simple method for preventing click fraud from happening is to make sure that you are geotargeting your ads in the right way. If your products are not sold to people who do not live in the United States, then do not have the ads displayed outside of the country. This will not only help you bring down the click fraud but it will also help you get much more targeted traffic, allowing you to safeguard your investment. So when you have to conduct keyword research, do not forget these important tips and be careful about geotargeting the incorrect areas.

Let a Pro Help You: If you are an advertiser who spends time and money on pay per click campaigns and am worried about your ROI due to click fraud, then get the help of a professional. Hiring a professional who can manage your ad campaign and give you reports about your investment will be very valuable and also lower any possible click fraud on your account. But, if you are still in the beginning stages and your campaign does not cost that much money, you can probably do this yourself at this point. Outsourcing is also an available choice, but it should not be implemented unless you can trust the person that you are dealing with. Keep in mind that money paid on a pay per click campaign has to be earned back and with a big profit. So do not forget to get the help of a pro when you start investing huge amounts of money into pay per click campaigns.

In summary, click fraud is coming down with each passing day, which is a good thing. But, you will have to be safe to make sure that you are not a victim of click fraud.