Effectively Boosting Likes on Your Facebook Page

Even though Facebook is not for every business out there, it is for very many which is why so many are all over it. Let’s look at the fan page, for example, they are very popular, are easy to implement and easy for members to join. The best traffic is targeted, and with the right approach you can gain a lot of it with your fan page. So the big issue for so many is figuring out a way to gather as many ‘likes’ to your fan page as possible.

You need to know that the old Fan Page is now called your Facebook Page, but everything else is pretty much the same as far as how you can use it. In other words, it’s just about how you convey your message and then deliver an exceptional experience to the people that join your Page. Demonstrate to your fans that you are the real deal and are there to provide exceptional service for them. Totally avoid getting Likes that are not from your market because they will not really do you any good unless you are getting Likes just for appearance sake which is done by many, actually.

Twitter is another social networking site that can be made to work for your business. If you have a presence and followers at Twitter, then think about driving your followers to your fan page. The only catch here is knowing enough of your followers so they will actually have an interest in your fan page. So post on both sites, but you want to tweet to Twitter with a hyperlink to Facebook.

People are affected by things like pictures, so your profile pic needs to be a good one. It is just a bit of common sense to have a professional looking image of your self. Just make the best fit with your photo and do not use anything too minimal. As of now the maximum size for a profile picture happens to be 200 X 600 Pixels – use all the space. We hope you understand a bit more about what is available to you. There is so much you can do for your page likes, so do all you can do to make it happen.