How To Tackle The Problem of A Site with A Slow Load Time

When you make any site for a new online business, you have to get the design right plus all the things under the hood that make it perform well. When you can achieve that, then you will be contributing to the positive usability of that site. As you know from the title of this article, you have to pay attention to your load time. If it is too long, then you know from your own experiences that it is really annoying. Follow along with us as we discuss some proven methods that will help your browser loading times be less offensive.

We have seen great sites that have a third party ad delivery script in place, and we hate them become they truly slow down the loading time.

If you are showing a lot of ads with Flash in them, then that right there will slow everything down. The bottom line is that if your bounce rate is high, then just maybe test out fewer ads and see what happens. Flash banners and ads are just the worst, and so many became a bit blind to them many years ago.

The fact remains that Flash files take time to load as they are large in size, which also makes it difficult to optimize your site for the search engines. We believe a high percentage of people hate Flash as much as we do, so that is the general backdrop you will be facing if you are contemplating it. We often wonder if people always choose to not view the Flash intro ad that is on quite a few major websites in certain markets.

The final analysis always brings us back to asking what your market is and what do they want, or what are they willing to withstand from a site.

Even if you’ve gotten your site designed by a professional designer, it pays to know the basics of web design. If you ever have the desire to test changes to your design, then you will be able to save time and money by taking care of it on your own. Some people love to learn while others do not so much, so how much you want to do is up to you; but at least gain some familiarity. Do this: clear your cookies and visit your site, and that will give you a better idea of what a visitor will experience. Making your site as totally user friendly as you can will pay off for you, and there are more methods available that you can use to lower page loading times. People want instant solutions these days and if your site isn’t providing that kind of access to them then it’s going to lack big time.