Pinterest and Automation – Is it an Internet Marketers Dream?

Good day fellow marketers, this post is the introduction to a series of posts about the next big thing in Social media marketing – Pinterest.  For many marketers it could turn out to be the killer social media site, for others just a very valuable promotional tool.  Over the next few weeks I hope to help you utilise this amazing site. It can be used to promote your blog, create a brand or just drive lots of traffic to your website. In any case it’s not something you can ignore as currently it’s the third most popular social network behind Twitter and Facebook.

At the moment the value of Pinterest to you, will really depend on the niches you target.  The site is huge and growing fast, but it’s current base is women – especially in the 25-44 year old demographic.  If you browse through the site you’ll notice that a large proportion of it looks to be similar to the pages of a womens magazine.

If you’re promoting any product that would appeal to women aged 25 to 45 then you’d be insane to miss out on this opportunity.  For the rest of us – simply the huge number of visitors and  the viral feel of Pinterest makes it difficult to avoid.

The explosion of this social media site has only just happened, it’s a fantastic time to get aboard.  I’ve been looking around and predictably there are lots of Pinterest spamming tools starting to appear.  I’d stay clear of most of these – the vast majority of Pinterest users are web savvy young to middle aged women, highly automated boards are going to fail miserably – even if your software has created 1000s of them!  There’s only one which looks to be a genuine time saver which is more of a Pinterest automation tool, if you use it sensibly it will be a very good investment – Pinterest Marketing Software.

It’s time for creativity and to put some genuine fun into marketing.  So to start off I would like you all to just sign up and embrace the concept – share some cool pictures – but don’t market your business yet!!!

  • Setting Up a Pinterest Account
  • Got to
  • Click on the “request an invite” button
  • Type in your email address and then hit the blue button
  • Just wait for your instructions

By the way if you have a friend who is already using Pinterest then ask them to invite you – it can be much quicker.  I’ll be adding some tips and tricks about the images that seem to be very effective on this site over the next week or two – so check back soon.