UK Business – Use a British Proxy

The internet has made the world a global sales place but there are still barriers in place. They are generally put there to maximise profits or protect rather old fashioned licensing agreements but they still can be effective. For example the internet is full of brilliant localised advertising sites which are extremely useful for any global sales person. Unfortunately many of these are geo restricted which means that you can only use them if you are actually physically located in that specific area. Imagine this, you’re a global sales person trying to sell your product all over the world but you can’t place an advert on a site because you happen to be in an airport in another country.

WTF – is the global economy supposed to be this restrictive? Well, unfortunately it looks like it is, at least to those who want to follow these very restrictive practices which are being deployed by many large media and advertising sites. There is a solution, and it’s fairly simple if you want to access a market where you’re not based then simply use a proxy or VPN server. So if you want to advertise in London on a UK only advertising web site then simply use a British proxy

To be honest it’s incredible that these measure are necessary, after all the internet is supposed to be open and without restrictions but it’s not the case at the moment. To be able to operate effectively in any country you need to route your connection through that country – that is you need an IP address based in that country. The video above demonstrates how you can effectively use a proxy server to bypass these restrictions.