Where’s the Money – YouTube Of Course

There is no doubt that this is true, the easiest and arguably the most accessible place to start earning enough money to replace a full time job is on YouTube.   Forget blogging, building lists and pimping Amazon affiliate links – master the skill of traffic on YouTube and you can be making money very quickly indeed.  In fact although I suggest to forget about blogging and affiliate sales this is not strictly true – do this stuff but in conjunction with YouTube.

There is of course one stumbling block with YouTube which stops people even getting started – you have to create videos.  There are fortunately loads of ways to do this and many of them don’t involve you prancing around in front of a Sony Mini-Cam *(do they even still make these!)*.

Here I’m demonstrating one such tool which you can use online very simply – in fact it’s one of a range of online slideshow video maker which I’ve looked at and you can see demonstrated here.

Unfortunately the program here is one of the most expensive I’ve come across with a monthly subscription required for access. The reality is that any of these are only worth what you can earn from it and Content Samurai certainly provides a way to earn very quickly. It creates professional looking videos from content you already probably have in minutes, you could easily produce dozens of these videos a day with a decent work ethic.

IT’s certainly worth checking out and it’s one of those very rare tools (I’ve probably bought about 5 in ten years of internet marketing) that can justify the costs.