A Gateway into Video Profits?

For many internet marketers, the focus has changed over the last couple of years. Up until then, simple blogs built in HTML or more often on the WordPress CMS have been the focus of many businesses. It was relatively easy to start up a focussed blog, upload some content and start working on it’s rankings.

After the traffic started to flow you could start promoting a few products, add a couple of affiliate links and then move onto the next project. The goal was ‘passive income’ which refers to making money without ongoing direct effort and it has made many very wealthy indeed. Unfortunately times have changed and due to a variety of reasons, this model is nowhere near as effective as it used to be.

Sure anyone can still set up a niche related blog relatively easily, and then get it to rank for related keywords but the effort involved is much greater. Worst still without ongoing investment in both time and money any rankings, and related income, will drop fairly quickly. The reality is that unless you happen across one of those rare, uncompetitive niches the idea of creating lots of passive income generating web sites then simply moving on it not going to happen any more.

The change means that the internet marketers tactics need to change too, there’s little point spending hours on a web site which will only generate a few dollars whilst you are actively promoting the site. One are that many marketers are migrating too is video, using such content to promote products or simply generate advertising revenue indirectly from people like Adsense. The problem is many people are not suited to the direct video promotion or are comfortable appearing on screen in any capacity to produce these videos.

Which is why the guys at Content Samurai have created this video making software which enables anyone to build their own videos quickly and easily –

The idea behind this is to be able to create a decent, professional looking video quickly and easily. The speed is important because unless you want to spend a lot of time producing and promoting every video you produce, volume is the key. Producing quality videos quickly using this software means that you don’t invest too much in any one video and can move on produce lots of different videos with little effort.

Just like this simple video which demonstrates how to watch BBC News online from anywhere. The ability to create quality content, quickly is more important than investing heavily in single videos. The problem is that although YouTube can give many videos a significant ranking boost, some will be successful and others won’t. If you keep creating videos you’ll create a mixture of successful and less successful videos but some will likely build up significant traffic and establish rankings – these are the videos that you need to spend further time on.