Ok the about me page, my background is in IT security so please excuse me if I don’t put my full name and telephone number in here.
My name is Neil and my profession now is virtually 100% in Internet Marketing and doing SEO for companies. I still do some consulting work in IT Security but now by choice rather than necessity, it’s great to have that choice.

I started doing Internet marketing and SEO about 18 months ago, and have spent a lot of my waking hours on it. I followed a hundred great ideas, bought loads of money making products (which almost all failed to make me money), made some seriously stupid mistakes but slowly developed some skills. Most of the skills I have gained have been from trial and error, most of the important lessons also. I started making enough money from Internet Marketing to quit my day job about 6 months ago, but the effort I put into achieving this shouldn’t be underestimated – probably about 30+ hours a week on top of a day job for over a year.

I did have some advantages as well, I’ve worked in computers for twenty years so the technology side wasn’t a problem, but most other parts were! There are no special skills needed to make your living from the internet, but I’m convinced that a lot of hard work is essential especially at the beginning.

I’m putting up lots of information on my blog, and I’ll try and post a review of any product that does actually help me. I’ve only put an ad for one product on my blog so far, but will add a review soon. It’s a wonderful system called SocialADR which gets you backlinks from Social networking sites – it’s incredibly powerful – try it if you want there’s a free option.

There are lots of other products listed and reviewed on my site, but to be honest they are there to keep my blog full of new content. I won’t put links to those products as I’m not certain they will be beneficial. One thing I do know if anyone shows you a picture of fast cars, big houses and such on their sales page – just walk away, seriously!