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Learn to market your business by using SEO - SEO Marketing

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UK Business – Use a British Proxy

The internet has made the world a global sales place but there are still barriers in place. They are generally put there to maximise profits or protect rather old fashioned licensing agreements but they still can be effective. For example the internet is full of brilliant localised advertising sites which are extremely useful for any global sales person. Unfortunately many of these are geo restricted which means that you can only use them if you are actually physically located in that specific area. Imagine this, you’re a global sales person trying to sell your product all over the world but you can’t place an advert on a site because you happen to be in an airport in another country.

WTF – is the global economy supposed to be this restrictive? Well, unfortunately it looks like it is, at least to those who want to follow these very restrictive practices which are being deployed by many large media and advertising sites. There is a solution, and it’s fairly simple if you want to access a market where you’re not based then simply use a proxy or VPN server. So if you want to advertise in London on a UK only advertising web site then simply use a British proxy

To be honest it’s incredible that these measure are necessary, after all the internet is supposed to be open and without restrictions but it’s not the case at the moment. To be able to operate effectively in any country you need to route your connection through that country – that is you need an IP address based in that country. The video above demonstrates how you can effectively use a proxy server to bypass these restrictions.

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What is SEO Marketing?

If you’re reading this page then it’s likely you have an idea about what I mean by SEO but may have need of an SEO Guide. This page is directed at those new to this area so let’s just break down the terms, to fully understand what it means. The information might not be exciting but I used this very concept to start my new life in Internet marketing. I was able to give up my well paid consultancy job to work full time from my own home making a very good income. You can do the same, if you learn the basic concepts well and not get sidetracked by get rich schemes.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, the practice of optimizing your web page, blog or whatever to ensure you get more traffic from the search engines. The art (or is it Science) of SEO is fundamental to this marketing technique.
seo marketing

Let me give you a very brief overview of SEO first and then I’ll leave some links to further reading at the end of this post. Unless you’re very lucky and have a worldwide brand under your control you are going to rely heavily on the search engines to bring traffic to your web site.

So how do Search engines bring traffic – well simple, they process what you type into the search box and then display a list of web pages in response to that search.

If you typed in “Fishing in South Dakota” – you’d expect to see a list of web pages that contained information on “Fishing in South Dakota”, if you didn’t then you’d probably go else where.

Putting SEO Marketing into Action

When you perform SEO on a web page, you have to decide which phrase or search words you are targeting, which market you’re targeting if you like. This process is called keyword research. It’s probably best explained by some examples. Let’s pick an example, perhaps you have a small hotel near Yellowstone National Park and you’ve set up a web site to bring in customers. Great, but nobody ever does visit because you’re relying on people just finding your web site. You need to engage with the search engines to try and bring customers to your site.

So lets look at the first stage, keyword research – it simply means finding the best search queries that your web site will appear in. Let’s have a look at some possibilities here –

Search Term Daily Searches
yellowstone hotels
yellowstone park hotels 6608
yellowstone lodging 2433
west yellowstone hotels 2323
yellowstone hotel 1989
yellowstone map 1627
yellowstone lodge 1088
inn yellowstone 1057
yellowstone vacation 891
yellowstone camping 730
yellowstone park hotel 595
yellowstone reservations 398
yellowstone motel 384

So we can see a list of example search queries and an estimate of how many times these are searched for every day.  Of course some of those terms would be more appealing to our hotel owner, some would be more likely to bring in paying customers, other terms may be too general.

If the hotel was in the West of Yellowstone then the phrase

west yellowstone hotels                     2323

would probably be a good target.   The searchers are specifically looking for a hotel in the west side of Yellowstone, the terms gets a lot of traffic and represents a high chance of bringing in customers.

This is why keyword research is so essential,  and is the essence of SEO marketing especially if your web site is designed to make money and bring in customers.

There is more to keyword research like looking at combinations, the competition and other factors but this illustrates the point and hopefully the possibilities.  If the owner of our West Yellowstone Hotel could bring in hundreds of people a day to his website who have typed in ‘west yellowstone hotels’ – I think we can all see the potential.

This is how we use the web effectively, we identify a target and then tailor our SEO and marketing efforts toward this goal.  SEO Target Marketing opens up a huge potential that you can exploit just from sitting there at home, you need little – an internet connection and a computer and a drive to succeed.
So if we’ve identified our keywords, we need to use SEO techniques to bring that traffic to our website.   It can be a big subject but there are some very simple basic tasks that you must do to bring such targeted traffic to your website.
On Page SEO
  1. Title Tags – The Title of your Web page must contain the keywords you are targeting.   So in our example we must use the phrase –  West Yellowstone Hotels somewhere in our Title tag.
  2. H1 Tag – This is a header tag which we use for headings in our web site – the search engines look for this as an indicator about the topic of the page.   We must also use  the phrase ‘West Yellowstone Hotels somewhere in a heading on our page.
  3. Keyword Density – You should make sure that the phrase ‘West Yellowstone Hotels is used occasionally in our web page.  Don’t overdo it though.
  4. Name in Domain or URL – this isn’t always possible but if it is – having the phrase in the domain name or name of the page helps to rank for that phrase.
There are a few more factors but these are by far the most important, and most websites don’t do these so you’d be ahead of most of the competition.   You’ve picked your keyword, made some slight SEO modifications and are now actively targeting potential customers.   This is what makes SEO Target Marketing so powerful,  with a little work you can create online businesses, web pages that target specific words and then turn the targeted visitors into customers and revenue.

There are lots of other skills you need to learn on way to creating a successful online business, but none are difficult.

Have a play around with the Google keyword tool and find phrases or words that look interesting, maybe a local business could benefit (with your assistance) or you could set up sites of your own to target these phrases.   Here’s the link to the tool, look for phrases with traffic that have two or more words as these have less competition.
This is how I started, I saw the potential and read lots of SEO guides and created pages to target those words.  My first website consisted of pages targeted very specifically at certain keyword phrases  – in fact they were of TV sets.  I’d find some keywords – write a page of information on that TV set, and then include a link to Amazon where  they could buy that TV.For every customer you send Amazon they will pay you a commission of the sale, it’s not a lot but soon adds up. More valuable to me is that I slowly learnt the skills to use in different areas although Amazon still send me an income today.
That is what you must do, identify your market and target potential customers via your website using SEO marketing techniques.  There are thousands of fantastic niches and opportunities out there and they don’t have to be massive to be profitable.  This simple page demonstrates how you can watch BBC iPlayer from Ireland –, it promotes a security product which solves this problem.
Reference: Promoting UK TV Online Products –

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Why You Must Be Using Google Analytics

To numerous individuals, vaulting their company to a higher plane through accepting ecommerce proves to be an intimidating procedure all the way around. We don’t mean the creation of a website and the work that goes into it. Yet you should further attempt to make certain that your site is gaining the attention of your sought after customers in maximizing its potential with the best instruments. This is a mess if you haven’t got the ability to track which visitors look at what site pages; and, if you don’t know when you are loosing potential customers, you can’t fix the problem. All of this can be tricky to keep track of but with the advent of Google Analytics, it got easier. Analytics is a free web application by Google that gives you a vast array of tools to help you understand and keep log of targeted information about the visitors to your website. Unless and until you know how your visitors are responding and how they’re taking your website, it would be difficult to progress. In this article, we will be looking into the various benefits of Google Analytics.

By using Analytics you’d be able to easily track how SEO is working out for your and gather more information about content optimization. One of your major goals with SEO should be to grow the organic search click through rate, and Analytics can help you out with this. Simply log into your account and go to the area where you can contrast differing dates, such as before and after the changes were made. Then keep track of the variations that occur in a weeks time. Simply go to the traffic sources tab for an overall analysis of your site. And for determining which of your pages are the most utilized, simply proceed to the content tab and investigate your information by title to find the page. To watch the organic search traffic, go to the Dimensions tab and choose Medium. This just goes on to show that Analytics goes beyond other tools and gives you crucial data which wouldn’t have been possible earlier.

Analyzing and correcting your ‘sales funnel’ is another superb ability offered by Analytics. The process of analyzing and optimizing a sales funnel is quite straightforward and simple with Analytics. When the goal is set correctly you can look at every aspect of your sales funnel and edit it to optimize your conversion rates. Analytics offers this very easy to use, and equally beneficial tool.

Most sites don’t know at which stage the site visitor stopped. It is simple to adjust any problematic areas that might be cinching up your funnel’s easy flow after you are able to view this precise kind of information.

Your online marketing needs can be satisfied by the hearty benefits offered by Google Analytics. Knowing where your profits originate from benefits your ability to continue marketing successfully.

You need to understand what drives the visitors to your website and where else they are going in order to effectively build a website that will bring them back time and again. For those of you who wish to enjoy a greater return on your investment, and to increase your online marketing endeavors, now is the time that you begin utilizing Google Analytics.

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Choosing a Niche That Can Make Money

When you choose a niche, for some people, it’s quite easy. Most people have an idea of what they want to do, and just need a little help with their Internet Marketing idea. Some simply mutter ‘I want a business of my own!’ without the slightest idea of what they’re talking about. Don’t panic if you are in the latter camp. All you need to do to get started is to choose a niche that you want to get started with and start doing that. Then, things will begin to go your way. So if you are new to Internet Marketing, what can you do?

Don’t worry about little details as you are trying to narrow down your field. All IM marketers had to start from the beginning, so look at what you want to accomplish. The thing you want to do is have an overall plan, but that is after you have chosen a niche. You can go very niche which means very narrow, but just remember that the volume and profits tend to decrease. For some people, the hardest part is this part – choosing the right niche and it does not have to be so hard.

It is worth a chance to see if you do anything that can be your niche – hobbies, but many people do not use that. You’ll be coming at it with a foundation of knowledge and experience already built. My best hobbies are not good for IM which is the same situation for most people. This does work best, though, with hobbies that borderline on obsessions. If you just like to do something every now and then, it might not make for a good business. What kind of budget do you have to start out with? And your choice of niche, is it dependent upon this? People without a budget should never choose a niche that requires money to set up the business, products or services that they will want to offer. A niche that requires very little or no budget would be service-oriented. Decisions like these are not made by people with money. They can do whatever they want. Choosing a niche can sometimes come down to whether or not you have the money to do a certain niche. If you have the money, or if you don’t, your niche will be based upon what you have available.

Choosing a niche doesn’t have to be a nightmare, but it does often take some time. If you do not have anything in your life that lends itself, then you will have to go on the net and do some looking. No matter what you do, view it as a learning experience and then just do not give up on your dreams. The tips in this article are just the beginning and as you explore you’ll find other ways to narrow down your choices.

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Handy Tips for Home Marketers

When it comes to marketing your freelance business, you have to remember that you may understand your products or services, but the consumers will not. What seems to keep freelancers away from income every day is that they don’t know how to take their skills and monetize them. It is essential that you ignore sales copy full of hype and get your feet on the ground. You need to think about what it is you really need to do. When you realize that you do not have any marketing skills, you will see the need to join the top marketing forums online. Picking one marketing method to get you started is the best way to begin this process. You will learn from the experience you will gain from getting your feet wet when making your site to sell what you have.

Listing your products or services can usually be done at frequented locations. It is important to use the proper keywords and search functions that can help you do this the right way. Try it out and check out your results. There are probably thousands of freelancers offering similar services that will pop up. That can be discouraging when you are just starting out. Try some secondary keywords instead of primary ones. These are much easier to rank for. Also, branch out and find other sites that are reputable but where the masses have not already hit. Depending on your products, it might be worth investigating the rapidly growing arena of Pinterest Marketing – a veritable goldmine of leads can be possible from this social site.

Freelancing is not actually complete without doing some social marketing along the way. It’s all about finding places with similar venues related to your freelancing. Social groups like forms are great places to begin. Every site that you target is to have an audience related to your overall niche. When you are new, avoid coming across too strong as there are peculiar and unspoken rules of etiquette you should follow. You want to be as helpful as possible. Learn the neighborhood as they say. Relationship marketing is something that you can seriously benefit from on the World Wide Web. You should try it out today!

You can get a lot of initial traffic by tapping into media and press releases for your freelance marketing business. If you have used neither of these, try to use both of them to get some traffic starting today. Your first release will be about your business and what you have to offer. The subsequent release will always talk about the first release, giving it a little credibility. If you have added any new services, then that is good for yet one more press release. When choosing your distribution service, consider what you want to use it for. They can do both local and worldwide distribution if you want in most cases. You might want to wait on the worldwide broadcast if you just want to garner local clientele right away.

You have to perpetually market yourself as a freelancer, at least until you’re so well known that you are as busy as you want to be. You will learn new methods and continue to refine what you already know. One other smart reason is most of your competition will find something that works and tend to only do that. You want to open yourself up to as many potential clients as possible. Aside from gaining new clients, you also want to please the ones you have so they keep returning to you and give you some positive recommendations.

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The Important First Step in Internet Marketing – Picking Your Niche

When you are involved with marketing on the web on your own it means you have to acquire skills. In the beginning, before you can afford to hire help, it is usually just one person who is doing all the work. It is vitally important that, once you get going, you find new niches and areas that you can profit from with your online business. Don’t be complacent, it can be extremely challenging trying to do this. However, for most people, it is something that is an obstacle that can and will be overcome. Obviously you have to find the best information you can, learn and then apply yourself.

If you want to find a very profitable niche you must take the time to see what products are already available out there. Niches might have lots of products and lost of diversity but there is no guarantee that that will be enough. For instance, you might find what looks like a great niche but all of the products being sold within it are priced at low price points. This means that you won’t probably make a huge profit, but this isn’t necessarily a deal breaker. How much you take on is completely up to you. Something very important here is the quality and the appeal of the products being sold within that niche.

You will find the complete range of situations here including a bunch of products that are not really worth your time. Not only does the market contain millions of products, there are millions of niches too. Unfortunately, not all of those niches will have products that cover the wide range of product format choices. What you are going to want to do is figure out how to promote products in a wide variety of formats. In addition to ebooks, it’s good to have products in at least the physical product, audio product and video product categories. The more products there are to choose from the more opportunities for promotion you will have. Beyond this, it is important to accept that taste varies greatly in terms of how people like their information to be delivered. So never ever assume that people all want video based information…or ebook based information. Figure out how to set up a wide variety of tastes and you will see a lot of profits.

If you would like to develop your own products, this is not just fine, it’s a sound business decision. No matter which niche you are working in, though, you will have to make sure to check out the overall situation. In this situation, there needs to be enough potential for profit associated with your price points to make your projects with your time and your effort. So once again there are things to consider such as whether you can succeed with physical products or digital. In recent times there has been a shift toward people choosing to spend their money primarily on physical products. Don’t forget that you can take digital products and make them physical.

One of the things you’ll see when you want to find a profitable niche is that you might have to give a tiny bit every once in a while. Here is the truth: there is no such thing as a perfect niche, just like there is no such thing as a perfect product. This doesn’t have to be discouraging, it just has to be accepted–that way you won’t be held back when you see it for yourself.

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Make Money From Your Blog – Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing through your blog doesn’t have to be hard. The best part is that if you do it correctly you have the potential to make some real money. If you look around a little bit, though, you’ll see that lots of bloggers are struggling to run affiliate programs on their blogs. Why can’t they find the success they crave? There are all sorts of reasons that affiliate marketing doesn’t work for some people. In order to truly make it work on your blog, however, there’s one thing you need to do: focus. In this article we are going to teach you a few simple but easily applicable tips that should help you get as much as possible from your affiliate marketing efforts.

One of the cool things about online marketing is that there is so much to choose from in the way of promotional activities. The beauty is many are not glamorous by any means, and some are so simple as to be deceptive. One such simple way is to add more value to the affiliate product you’re promoting. What some smart affiliate marketers do is offer a really great bonus or more than one for the purchase. Just see to it that your bonus is good enough. All of the products that you link through your blog need to be of the highest quality. You shouldn’t compromise on quality because that will give your readers a bad impression of you. This is going to make it difficult for your readers to trust you and that will, in turn, cause your earnings to tank. Build a reputation for yourself to prove that you are worth it. The last thing that you want is for your readers to think badly of you or what you’re recommending to them. Even if you do make some sales and earn some commissions, if your readers aren’t happy with you can those commissions really be worth it? You need to try to serve only the highest quality products so that you can make sure that you are getting only the highest quality results.

If you want to stay in business, then just be straight in your marketing because that is what helps build trust. There are compliance laws for US-based IM affiliates, and that just means you need to post certain information attesting you are an affiliate marketer. By being transparent with your readers, you’ll be able to give your readers a reason to trust you. Naturally you always want to build trust, anyway. Once you are all set-up with the right information and disclosures, then you are fine to proceed.

All of the things you do to help your blog earn more money are important. Growing your affiliate commissions through your blog is not rocket science. As you can see from reading this, all you need to do is set your mind to it. Plenty of affiliate marketers have leveraged blogging to raise their revenues. There’s no reason you can’t do the same, right? All you need to do is make sure your approach is serious. Focus on delivering quality products to your readers. Don’t just offer value with your content, offer value with the products you want them to buy. In short, care for your readers and point them to solutions that work, and in process, go make some money.

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How to Develop a Successful Home Business Mindset

A successful home business will make money, and that will take proper thinking. Some people are good at starting a project, but not good at finishing, and a home business will take time to build. This article is about the attitudes that have made many business owners successful, and why you should learn from them. Having a positive attitude is imperative to your success, and there are many books, articles, and programs about self-improvement. Avoiding negativity quite often means staying away from people who have bad attitudes, even family members. Discouragement can come from many places, but usually it is from those who are close to you. Even when you watch TV programs or the news, you can learn how to be negative.

Procrastination is something you need to conquer if you want to succeed with your home based business. Procrastination can mean a lot of things including apparently keeping busy but not generating any results. Reading comments made by people in your field as well as their forum posts and sales letters will not help you generate more sales or pick up more customers or leads, but you will have the impression that you are actually working on your business. You have to make sure that you are really working on things that will improve your business and not wasting time when you are at your desk, whether you are on your computer or on the phone.

Here’s a simple program that you can probably use to get started straight away – it’s video making software online and you can basically produce quality videos to upload to Youtube in minutes. I urge you to watch the demonstration =

Many people choose their home based business because they think it’s going to be profitable. While this is quite logical, it is also critical that you pick something you are interest in and are knowledgeable about. You will find it extremely difficult to spend hours every day working on something that’s boring to you. When you are in business for yourself you need to be able to self-motivate yourself, because you can’t watch the minutes pass by like you would if you were working for someone else. It’s much easier to do this when you are working on something you love. So you need your business to be in tune with your interests, which will give you a better chance of success.

Building relationships with potential customers is essential as is making new contacts and networking. You want to network properly and not annoy people. We’ve all encountered people who are in MLM or network programs that have irritated family in friends by trying to get them to buy the products they are selling. You need to be ready to promote your business at any time but it has to be with the right people and at the right time, no matter whether you are doing it on the phone, in person or online.

So, with the right psychology you can move your home business much further along. It has a major effect on the way you spend your time and what goals you set. It can be hard for some people to leave the world of being an employee to being an entrepreneur while some can do it without having any issues. The suggestions provided in this article can help you learn how to act and think like a successful business entrepreneur.

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Using your Blog to Find Affiliate Success

Affiliate marketing has been around for years and you will quickly learn that there are all sorts of methods both old and new that affiliate marketers use to earn money. Integrating affiliate programs and products into blogs and posts isn’t an idea that is weird for bloggers. Lots of internet marketers have used affiliate programs in blogs to great success and raised income. The primary purpose behind this article is to teach you how to properly implement the very same affiliate marketing strategies into your own blog.

Create a Network of Your Own: One very important thing to understand as an affiliate marketer is how much your network will decide for your success. The stronger your network is, the more affiliate sales you tend to make. Traffic is important, of course, but your network is more so. When you are connected to your network, you don’t have to wait to make money, it happens instantaneously. What do we mean when we talk about a network? A network could be made up of the people who follow you on the social networking sites, the list you’ve built or the people who subscribe to your site. But one thing that you need to understand is that even though the size of your network is important, so is the quality. The success of your affiliate promotions depends highly upon how well you can relate to the people who read your content. If your network understands that, over the long term, you are capable of providing them with usable and very good information, they are going to be much more likely to actually snap up the things you offer and promote.

Gain Trust: if you want the readers of your blog to buy what you are selling so that you can earn affiliate money through your blog, you need to make sure that your readers trust you. People who use the Internet aren’t stupid, they want to make sure that the bloggers they read are real. In order to accomplish this, you need to believe in the things that you are selling and those that will allow you to win the trust and confidence of the people who visit your blogs. The most important step involved in creating an important trustful bond with your readers is to have absolute faith in the products that you are advertising. This is going to help you write good and honest reviews for the products you promote because you actually trust them.

Do Not Just Depend Upon Affiliate Products: Even though affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money with your blog as well as raise the amount of money you earn in a year, you shouldn’t limit yourself to just affiliate products; include other, non-competitive products too. This will allow you to diversify your income streams and keep you on the safe side in case you have a problem with the affiliate products you’re promoting. You can support your blog using Google AdSense, Chitika and other advertising programs as well as a variety of other affiliate products.

It is also possible to accept banner advertisements directly from advertisers if they relate to the content you have posted. The main goal you need to have is to find a way to increase your revenue while simultaneously helping the people who read your blog with good content.

It doesn’t matter what niche you’re targeting with your blog and it doesn’t matter what kind of affiliate product you choose to promote, as long as you don’t lose your focus on quality, efficiency and your long term goals.

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Promote Your Business With Facebook -Effective Strategies

Facebook is now one of the primary business marketing tools on the planet. If you haven’t begun to use Facebook for your business yet then you are really missing out on something important. But exactly how do you go about using it to your benefit?

Don’t Be a Huge Corporation: People on Facebook generally want to connect with someone that’s real; they don’t want to create a relationship with a huge, faceless corporation. In other words, if you’re 35, have a family and live in Florida, share this with people and don’t just talk about your company. People on Facebook are interested in socializing and networking in a personal manner, not just talking about business. That’s why the way to get involved in this kind of online community is to connect with people in a social and personal way.

You Should Not Sell on Facebook -It’s not a good idea to blast your friends on Facebook with offers or pitches. Social networks can be effective for driving traffic to your own site, but this has to be done carefully. Rather than directing your Facebook friends to a sales letter, a better strategy is to use a lower key, pre-sell page. The point to remember is that the atmosphere on social networks is just that, social, so you should suggest things to people rather than try to sell them outright. You’ll get more leverage out of Facebook if you don’t try to sell directly. As long as you’re tactful and friendly about it, there’s nothing wrong with telling people about your product, blog or website.

The Notes Application: When you’re on Facebook, you should post notes as well as status updates. Notes are another area on Facebook where you can post content, and you can use this for any purpose you want; it’s another useful way to share items with your contacts. As with your updates, insert your primary keywords in your notes so that they’re optimized for the search engines.

Have Fun: Enjoy yourself; it is the most important thing in this situation! If you are going to use Facebook alongside your business, you need to commit yourself to it and have fun with that commitment. If you look at it as nothing more than just another time consuming and boring task, that’s exactly what it is going to turn out to be. Be passionate about things and try to look at Facebook as a totally new method of doing business. There are literally tons of ways you can use Facebook to improve your business, but it doesn’t mean you should do everything, because it’s important that you also enjoy the whole process. To sum it up, Facebook is going to continue to grow its network and will be here a long time to come. If you are not using it to benefit your business, then you should begin to re-think your strategy. Go ahead and start working on your “social media” attack plan if you haven’t yet because that’s where the real gold is.

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