Crucial Steps to Increasing Your Amazon Associate Income

Creating a reliable income with the Amazon Associate Program is based upon your ability to choose a great niche and approach it in the perfect way. When you put together a strong foundation all that is left is to see to the necessary parts of building a reliable income as an Associate.

Build an Email List: Long term sustainable success depends on your ability to build an email list for your internet business (no matter what kind of business that may be). Sustainable business growth online only happens when you have a reliable list of people who are happy to let you sell to them over and over again. Remember that the goal of any good Amazon Associate is to get a lifetime’s worth of value out of your customers so that, though you might not be earning initially, you’re still building a strong, stable and sustainable business for the long run. Amazon Associates can build targeted email lists by offering the people who sign up any number of fantastic freebies as an incentive (including things like special deals, well written newsletters and buyers’ guides). As long as you’re supplying some kind of useful information to them, you’ll find that people would have no problem opting in to your list. After your list has gotten a good start you should focus on making sure that the relationship you have with your opt ins is good and that they will want to buy from you over and over again.

Write Regular “Good Deals” Posts: If you are promoting Amazon products through your blog a good thing to do is to have a regular feature called “Weekly Deals” or something like that in which you can promote some of the best sellers and help your readers find the most value for their money. This means that you’ll be posting regularly about the best values in your market. So how often should this recurring post be published? It all depends on how often you would like to update your readers about the best deals you know of but limiting that to once a week is one of the best ways to go about it.

Publish a Bestseller List: Amazon makes it easy for people to do their shopping online, and therefore has a bestseller page where you can go through the listed products by searching for your respective niche market. You can easily make a list of five to ten products of this ilk on your own site and get some good results from it. A quick and easy way to increase your sales is to publish this “Bestsellers List” and tell your readers which are currently trending online. Amazon tells you which products sell the best and which are the products people are more likely to buy.

Lots of Amazon Associates make lots of money every month on auto pilot but they are only able to accomplish this because they spent lots of time creating and building a good strategy and that is what you also need to do.

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An Easy Way to Start In Internet Marketing

Well it’s not really easy, but it’s a way that you can at least see some income from your efforts. I am talking of course about becoming an Amazon affiliate. Amazon have a huge affiliate scheme which they refer to as associates. Each of the main countries offer their own scheme which you apply to individually. Entry to each scheme is fairly straight forward, just make sure you have a half decent looking site available before hand.

Now you may have heard that Amazon don’t pay much commission and that is in fact true. It varies across the countries but it’s generally 4% and many of the countries have a cap on the commission from each item (in UK it’s £7). So it’s generally not worth targeting very expensive items – but the conditions vary so check them out properly first. Amazon have loads of neat affiliate tools and banners, you can even create your own Amazon E – Store – it’s not difficult and mostly is just cut and paste.

Amazon also only have a 24 hour cookie which means that you’ll only get credited for a sale in that period from visiting your site. It’s not much so you have to hope that your visitor buys quickly – fortunately the Amazon site is one of the highest converting on the internet. The real advantage is that many, many Amazon customers buy more than one item when they visit. You will then get the credit for any other purchase. Imagine you might send them to buy a pack of batteries and then they decide to spend a few hundred bucks on DVDs – it’s all commission and it does start to add up.

It’s best to send really focused buyers to Amazon – so target very specific products. Have a look at the best seller lists in Amazon and find out what’s selling, they’ll generally have good reviews as well – so if you send them a potential buyer they will often convert. To gather traffic try and create pages on very precise keywords – one tactic that works is to focus on a specific model of a product and target that model number. It works well with TVs and printers for example, create web sites targeting the model name but be careful about using brand names in your domain name. It will get you an advantage in the search engines but it could also get you attention from the company legal departments in some cases.

Some people make their sole living from using Amazon as a focus on their SEO marketing methods, and there’s no doubt that it works ok. You need volume to make significant returns but it’s a great place to start because the traffic converts so well.

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