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Marketing to a Foreign Country

One of the big mistakes Internet marketers often make is restrict their focus onto their domestic market. It’s obviously a good place to start as you have whole host of advantages starting close to home. You know how people think, know where to advertise and delivery isn’t complicated by overseas taxes and different delivery options.

However it’s vital any successful online business uses the potential to expand across the world in order to survive. The main reason is to diversify your markets, selling goods and services over the internet can be extremely lucrative yet it can also be volatile. You can spend years promoting a web site and spending small fortunes on SEO to wake up one morning and find your website traffic has disappeared. Diversifying into different countries doesn’t guarantee this won’t happen but can help buffer a business if it does.


Imagine you sold custom silver jewelry to the UK market via a combination of organic traffic to your website and PPC to Facebook and Google. All of these are vulnerable, your organic traffic could disappear for any number of reasons plus PPC costs can easily rise through competition making then less than viable.

IT makes sense for such a supplier to look abroad using the internet as a medium of selling. One method is to target countries individually for example a sensible choice in this case despite the Brexit result would be France. Delivery fees and times would be similar and there’s a high demand for fashion products. Marketing and advertising is still possible and achieved easily through a French IP address and using the region targeting that all PPC interfaces give you access to.

This video demonstrates how you can use a France proxy to access the market just as if you had a branch in Paris!

It’s certainly worth using this method in the inital stages of research for the simple reason that it allows you to browse the web in the same way a French person would. It also allows you to access sites particularly local advertising sites which often only allow access to people with a French IP address.

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Recurring Commission is the Key to Profits

Affiliate marketing can be seriously hard work. Anyone who has slaved away for months creating content and building links, to see a single solitary clickbank sale trickle in as sole reward for their efforts will know this is the truth.

Finding new customers can be tough which is why I always try and find something to promote which provides ongoing value rather than a one off sale. This can mean a variety of things, for instance Amazon sales although fairly poor levels of commission – do offer the bonuses of income from additional purposes. However the main area I try and focus on is selling subscription based goods and services.


If you receive commission on a recurring basis, that one sale could potentially be repeated for years to come which means that it can justify a lot more effort into achieving that sale. Over the last few years most of the professional online marketing tools have moved to a subscription based model, most of these have affiliate schemes which you can join quite easily. If there are restrictions on joining, just be a little creative perhaps spoof your IP like this if needed.

It makes a huge difference in your potential earnings and it’s sales like these which form a truly passive income. If you take a few weeks off, and your previous customers keep subscribing then you’ll keep getting paid. Slowly focussing on recurring commissions will give you opportunities for just chasing single payments and make your business more secure.

There are lots of areas which have payment models like this, as mentioned many of the top internet marketing tools are now subscription based but the list doesn’t end there. In the entertainment market, you’ll find that most of the online casino and bingo games offer lifetime payments. This means that you’ll receive ongoing commission whenever your customer spends money on that site. This is why the casino niche is so heavily competitive – the rewards can be extremely high for a high ranking gambling site with good affiliate links.

Written by Howard Kendall
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A Gateway into Video Profits?

For many internet marketers, the focus has changed over the last couple of years. Up until then, simple blogs built in HTML or more often on the WordPress CMS have been the focus of many businesses. It was relatively easy to start up a focussed blog, upload some content and start working on it’s rankings.

After the traffic started to flow you could start promoting a few products, add a couple of affiliate links and then move onto the next project. The goal was ‘passive income’ which refers to making money without ongoing direct effort and it has made many very wealthy indeed. Unfortunately times have changed and due to a variety of reasons, this model is nowhere near as effective as it used to be.

Sure anyone can still set up a niche related blog relatively easily, and then get it to rank for related keywords but the effort involved is much greater. Worst still without ongoing investment in both time and money any rankings, and related income, will drop fairly quickly. The reality is that unless you happen across one of those rare, uncompetitive niches the idea of creating lots of passive income generating web sites then simply moving on it not going to happen any more.

The change means that the internet marketers tactics need to change too, there’s little point spending hours on a web site which will only generate a few dollars whilst you are actively promoting the site. One are that many marketers are migrating too is video, using such content to promote products or simply generate advertising revenue indirectly from people like Adsense. The problem is many people are not suited to the direct video promotion or are comfortable appearing on screen in any capacity to produce these videos.

Which is why the guys at Content Samurai have created this video making software which enables anyone to build their own videos quickly and easily –

The idea behind this is to be able to create a decent, professional looking video quickly and easily. The speed is important because unless you want to spend a lot of time producing and promoting every video you produce, volume is the key. Producing quality videos quickly using this software means that you don’t invest too much in any one video and can move on produce lots of different videos with little effort.

Just like this simple video which demonstrates how to watch BBC News online from anywhere. The ability to create quality content, quickly is more important than investing heavily in single videos. The problem is that although YouTube can give many videos a significant ranking boost, some will be successful and others won’t. If you keep creating videos you’ll create a mixture of successful and less successful videos but some will likely build up significant traffic and establish rankings – these are the videos that you need to spend further time on.

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Where’s the Money – YouTube Of Course

There is no doubt that this is true, the easiest and arguably the most accessible place to start earning enough money to replace a full time job is on YouTube.   Forget blogging, building lists and pimping Amazon affiliate links – master the skill of traffic on YouTube and you can be making money very quickly indeed.  In fact although I suggest to forget about blogging and affiliate sales this is not strictly true – do this stuff but in conjunction with YouTube.

There is of course one stumbling block with YouTube which stops people even getting started – you have to create videos.  There are fortunately loads of ways to do this and many of them don’t involve you prancing around in front of a Sony Mini-Cam *(do they even still make these!)*.

Here I’m demonstrating one such tool which you can use online very simply – in fact it’s one of a range of online slideshow video maker which I’ve looked at and you can see demonstrated here.

Unfortunately the program here is one of the most expensive I’ve come across with a monthly subscription required for access. The reality is that any of these are only worth what you can earn from it and Content Samurai certainly provides a way to earn very quickly. It creates professional looking videos from content you already probably have in minutes, you could easily produce dozens of these videos a day with a decent work ethic.

IT’s certainly worth checking out and it’s one of those very rare tools (I’ve probably bought about 5 in ten years of internet marketing) that can justify the costs.

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Why You Must Be Using Google Analytics

To numerous individuals, vaulting their company to a higher plane through accepting ecommerce proves to be an intimidating procedure all the way around. We don’t mean the creation of a website and the work that goes into it. Yet you should further attempt to make certain that your site is gaining the attention of your sought after customers in maximizing its potential with the best instruments. This is a mess if you haven’t got the ability to track which visitors look at what site pages; and, if you don’t know when you are loosing potential customers, you can’t fix the problem. All of this can be tricky to keep track of but with the advent of Google Analytics, it got easier. Analytics is a free web application by Google that gives you a vast array of tools to help you understand and keep log of targeted information about the visitors to your website. Unless and until you know how your visitors are responding and how they’re taking your website, it would be difficult to progress. In this article, we will be looking into the various benefits of Google Analytics.

By using Analytics you’d be able to easily track how SEO is working out for your and gather more information about content optimization. One of your major goals with SEO should be to grow the organic search click through rate, and Analytics can help you out with this. Simply log into your account and go to the area where you can contrast differing dates, such as before and after the changes were made. Then keep track of the variations that occur in a weeks time. Simply go to the traffic sources tab for an overall analysis of your site. And for determining which of your pages are the most utilized, simply proceed to the content tab and investigate your information by title to find the page. To watch the organic search traffic, go to the Dimensions tab and choose Medium. This just goes on to show that Analytics goes beyond other tools and gives you crucial data which wouldn’t have been possible earlier.

Analyzing and correcting your ‘sales funnel’ is another superb ability offered by Analytics. The process of analyzing and optimizing a sales funnel is quite straightforward and simple with Analytics. When the goal is set correctly you can look at every aspect of your sales funnel and edit it to optimize your conversion rates. Analytics offers this very easy to use, and equally beneficial tool.

Most sites don’t know at which stage the site visitor stopped. It is simple to adjust any problematic areas that might be cinching up your funnel’s easy flow after you are able to view this precise kind of information.

Your online marketing needs can be satisfied by the hearty benefits offered by Google Analytics. Knowing where your profits originate from benefits your ability to continue marketing successfully.

You need to understand what drives the visitors to your website and where else they are going in order to effectively build a website that will bring them back time and again. For those of you who wish to enjoy a greater return on your investment, and to increase your online marketing endeavors, now is the time that you begin utilizing Google Analytics.

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Trust and How You Can Earn it Online

You will not do business with someone if you do not feel they are trustworthy, if you are like most individuals. Anything that causes the visitor or prospect to distrust the business will generally prevent the sale from taking place.  This is not the high street you are not standing in front of your customer, ask yourself what is SEO target marketing and you’ll realize that trust is everything.

For this reason, building trust with your audience has to be one of your main priorities. If they are going to have the desired effect your trust building efforts, though, must be well thought out. It is not that hard to create trust with your market, and if you execute the three recommendations that follow you’ll soon see results.

An e-mail list is a wonderful tool for creating trust, but only if you interact with your subscribers in the appropriate way. It is crucial to treat your subscribers well and supply them with consistent value. Anyone who does not yet have an e-mail list could gain a great deal by starting one. There is no better way to create trust with your customers than through email marketing.

Their lists are unfortunately, run by some people, in a manner that reduces rather than increases trust. You are making a very common error with email marketing, if you do nothing but pitch offers to your subscribers. Think which you do not and of which ones you trust and this will provide you with some valuable tips, if you subscribe to any lists.

A site that does not have a contact form, phone number or email address is not building trust in an effective manner.

Or, perhaps they have a support ticket system and an outsourced VA gets back to you at some point. Business owners who do this risk alienating their customers, who feel like they are dealing with a large bureaucracy. List owners that outsource all contact, or who do not supply any contact info are not doing much to build trust with their subscribers. When people just desire to sell you things but will not answer your emails, how does that make you feel? A marketer who takes the time to respond to emails personally is doing much more to create trust than one who remains invisible or aloof.

Anyone that is serious about succeeding with IM needs to do a webinar at some point in time. You and your target audience can interact in this digital social setting, something that will build them in impossible ways and trust between you. They get to hear your voice and it is all real – a real experience and time. Aside from those points, webinars can be very powerful advertising vehicles and some marketers make a killing with them. Very strong, webinars are also extremely useful when building trust between your audience and you. You need to offer extremely useful advice to these persons, and only sell to them at the end of the webinar for this to work. Trust is one of the foundations for all that is good in any sort of relationship. In this fashion, business relationships are similar to private ones. To get a sense of what will cause others to trust you, put yourself in your customers’ shoes and think of what kind of business practices put you at ease.

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Boost Your Traffic With These Simple Steps

The quality of your offer is not going to matter if nobody knows it exists. Before you put much time into building a list or promoting your merchandise, you must really concentrate on driving potential customers to your site. Traffic is what makes your business grow in internet marketing. Most people are intimidated when it comes to driving traffic. After all, it’s so important-it must be complicated, right? However, getting traffic is not that hard to do. There are plenty of things that you can do to get more exposure for your website.

If your product is suitable for listing at Clickbank, then that is just one big thing available. If you have never done this, then you have to plan carefully so your offering will be attractive to affiliates. This is one of the best things that can happen to your business only if you can pull it off. So there are different approaches you can take with researching this, and it is best to learn more. But as you know, your sales copy has to be able to sell, and you do not want to go into this blindly.

If they are on your list, then provide a bonus to the people on your list who refer new subscribers to you. Set up referral links so that the people on your list can email them to their friends and family. Provide a prize to the person to drives the most new traffic to your site. This is easy enough to track through your Analytics program. They will have the incentive to share your info with other people. This will bring more exposure for you and then increase your sales in the process. You will become more successful and you will get more customers. This is a positive outcome for everyone involved.

Bookmark your website on the most popular social media websites. Many of the social bookmarking sites like Digg are not as popular as they used to be. However, many people continue to utilize them. The best thing about StumbleUpon is that people will get on your site by mistake. If you categorize your site well, you could bring in hundreds of new visitors through this portal alone. Digg is great because people can vote how good your site is.

There are so many different things that you can do to get more people to visit your website. Really, the only thing holding you back when you’re trying to come up with traffic generation methods is how creative you feel comfortable being. Not every idea will work as well as you want it to but if you keep working and plugging away, you’ll get the traffic you’ve been craving. So, rather than just sitting there, get moving!

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Choosing a Niche That Can Make Money

When you choose a niche, for some people, it’s quite easy. Most people have an idea of what they want to do, and just need a little help with their Internet Marketing idea. Some simply mutter ‘I want a business of my own!’ without the slightest idea of what they’re talking about. Don’t panic if you are in the latter camp. All you need to do to get started is to choose a niche that you want to get started with and start doing that. Then, things will begin to go your way. So if you are new to Internet Marketing, what can you do?

Don’t worry about little details as you are trying to narrow down your field. All IM marketers had to start from the beginning, so look at what you want to accomplish. The thing you want to do is have an overall plan, but that is after you have chosen a niche. You can go very niche which means very narrow, but just remember that the volume and profits tend to decrease. For some people, the hardest part is this part – choosing the right niche and it does not have to be so hard.

It is worth a chance to see if you do anything that can be your niche – hobbies, but many people do not use that. You’ll be coming at it with a foundation of knowledge and experience already built. My best hobbies are not good for IM which is the same situation for most people. This does work best, though, with hobbies that borderline on obsessions. If you just like to do something every now and then, it might not make for a good business. What kind of budget do you have to start out with? And your choice of niche, is it dependent upon this? People without a budget should never choose a niche that requires money to set up the business, products or services that they will want to offer. A niche that requires very little or no budget would be service-oriented. Decisions like these are not made by people with money. They can do whatever they want. Choosing a niche can sometimes come down to whether or not you have the money to do a certain niche. If you have the money, or if you don’t, your niche will be based upon what you have available.

Choosing a niche doesn’t have to be a nightmare, but it does often take some time. If you do not have anything in your life that lends itself, then you will have to go on the net and do some looking. No matter what you do, view it as a learning experience and then just do not give up on your dreams. The tips in this article are just the beginning and as you explore you’ll find other ways to narrow down your choices.

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Is Outsourcing the Next Step for your Online Business?

Outsourcing isn’t unusual and there are for many businesses it’s the logical next step in development. However it’s not completely straight forward and problems can occur dependent on what your requirements are and where you get your service providers from.  For example if you deal with sensitive data or technology or are in security, then these concerns are very critical.

If  security is an issue, then there is a likelihood that you will not be permitted to employ the services of anyone outside the US or your country meaning you will have to stick with locals. This is why you will have to be careful.  While this in no way entails that it will be impossible to find people who are qualified, some caution is advised.  In this report, we will be looking at three important advantages of outsourcing.

Internet marketers have discovered that outsourcing is an excellent tool for building business online. We have talked mainly about offline businesses and what it means for them. It’s often easier for Internet marketers who work alone to recognize the benefits of outsourcing immediately. You may not realize how much of a difference it can make. Take a moment to read a few online testaments about how much outsourcing has changed the face of online businesses. Doing it all alone can be incredibly challenging. And that is why using contractors for the mundane tasks can be profitable for you. Anytime you have a project that is big enough, but not enough labor to cover it at your business, then outsource it.  The tasks that are best outsourced initially are those time consuming, simple tasks – thinks like promotional and SEO tasks.  For instance my last project required posting thousands of images in the social site – Pinterest  – perfect for an outsourcer.


You will be able to realize savings, time and of course cash by hiring temporary expertise. This is a very traditional strategy that is used by tons of companies. Unless you think this person is needed regularly, then hire this person for full time work. Try to anticipate what the company will need overall.

Through the years, companies have wised up and started giving certain tasks that were generally done by full time workers to temp works. Customer service duties are some of the main things that companies like to outsource. In addition, there are jobs such as payroll responsibilities. Hiring temporary help, gives the current staff more time and saves money. It will help with the costs that are normally connected with them. If you want to outsource tasks, then look at your business structure. You need to accurately identify where the greatest benefits will be best realize. But much depends on your business and the nature of it plus any very specific concerns. So, as the person who owns the business, you much do the proper research and make the final decision. Also remember you can take advantage of outsourcing consultants. This will assist you in figuring out which sections you should give to temp workers. By doing so, you can be assured that your company will make the most of it.

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Profit Maximization Techniques for your Website

Of course it makes sense, if you’re serious about your money site or authority blog, to track your metrics on a daily basis.  Tasks like improving the site usability is something that you can do.  In fact, there is quite a bit that you can achieve if you’re serious about your site.  If you have never done any testing for optimization, then your website will without doubt be under performing  however many visitors you get.  The result of doing website optimization is that you will eventually own a site that people talk about.  It will, however, take a few months to get it there. In regard to the performance of your website, usability is the catchall phrase that is typically utilized. Hopefully you will see some of the possibilities that usability principles offer after you have read this article.

Having valuable content is obviously something that you need.  This content also needs to be read by someone.  There are many individual factors  to consider including bounce rate and the time spent on your webpage. These are important so you have to make your content as enjoyable to read as is humanly possible. The length of the page itself does not matter – it has to be easy to understand.

So avoid annoying fonts and bright colors, make your text easy on the eye in appearance. You really want to have a goal of allowing the reader to move from line to line very easily. This has to do with choosing the right text size. The text and background contrast is something you need to think about too. Contrast issues will always be found, some much worse than others.

In regard to usability research, it is common that web readers skim and scan your content, not read it. It is very common for people to scan and scan everything without reading your content. Work with that behavior and use it for your own gain as well as for your readers. You would then want to place phrases in your content, in strategic locations, to motivate readers to take a certain action.

Powerful and well written phrases will make them slow down and read your content. You can use italics and bold phrases to draw more attention. The phrases will make them stop, and actually take notice about what you have written in your article. Those phrases are like little hooks that catch their attention and then you reel them into a paragraph.

In most cases, research has shown that people never read all the way through a page – they stopped halfway and never get to the end. Skimming and scanning is usually what visitors do once they arrive at your site. If they are not looking for something specific, they want something to jump out at them. This is not something you can fight or avoid. It’s just what they do. Using short paragraphs and sentences is the way that you can get around this.

It’s quite simple really, all you have to do is provide content that is concise, using easy to read language that they will be able to digest. It is important that you state things concisely, especially if you are selling a particular product on your site. Always try to use ample amounts of bullet points and subheadlines when you write as well.

For some people website usability feels like an advanced subject but that’s not the way it is through and through. If you are still green when it comes to web design and online marketing do as much learning as possible because it will increase your profitability later. There’s no reason to ignore this body of knowledge that is all about usability.

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