Creating Videos Quickly and Easily

Anyone who promotes or sells anything online should really be aware of the power of videos.  As the internet expands and develops there seems to be an inverse correlation with the attention span of the average internet user.   This is a real problem especially for those of us who have learnt that one way to rank well in the search engines is to provide long and comprehensive pages of information.  Unfortunately although this may rank well, people are less and less inclined to actually read it.

One way around this of course is to use video, you can put over huge amounts of information in a very accessible way with videos as opposed to pages of text.    Now that’s where often the problem starts, how do you produce the videos?  Now obviously if anyone spend enough time and effort they can learn to produce videos themselves.  Unfortunately even when you get to a certain level of proficiency it’s still a time consuming process to produce anything of quality.

That’s the core issue, videos work without a doubt, however producing them is expensive and can take ages.  Both of these resources are often the very ones in limited supply especially for smaller businesses and companies.

So what’s the solution, is video just for the big guys with specialised staff or large marketing budgets?  Well no, because there are options which can help even smaller businesses harness the power of video.   One of the latest and arguably the most impressive is to use something called Content Samurai, a new video production software which has been recently released.

As you can see it’s very simple to use and most people even without any video production skills can learn the software relatively quickly. Indeed the core aim of the software is to make the process as simple and streamlined as possible. This software is not designed to be used to create complicated and expansive videos. Content Samurai main aim is to produce quality videos as quickly and easily as possible. Indeed there is little doubt that you can use the software to create videos extremely quickly, and in volume too.

This is where many marketers and website owners struggle with videos, the ability to create a large quantity of videos is essential. Many people invest heavily in a video and can get disappointed if it doesn’t do well. The simple fact is that most videos won’t go viral and their success is difficult to predict. Certainly there are methods to optimize your video for the search engines and even to maximise it’s exposure in places like YouTube – but it’s not an exact science.

The trick to success is to create lots of decent quality videos and benefit from the volume. Take for example this small video about the BBC being blocked in Australia, it was created in a few minutes using the text from a corresponding blog post. Indeed using this method you could easily create dozens of videos a day with some preparation and effort.

No-one can predict whether a video becomes hugely successful or will go viral. You only have to watch as video creators who have been working for years struggle in the same way. The key is to not put all your eggs in one basket. Spending 75% of your marketing budget on one video and then hoping it provides huge return is a reckless strategy.

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Highlights of the BBC – Test Match Special Outside UK

Many years ago, I saved up ready to spend on my dream holiday – watching cricket in the Caribbean. After years of listening to descriptions of CMJ and Boycott strolling down some sun swept beach to a cricket stadium seemingly on the shoreline to the sounds of calypso music – I hoped finally it would be my turn. Unfortunately it didn’t work out, a series of rising expenses – can you believe my wife wanted to come too (and my children!) and some vacation issues spoiled my dream.

So I have returned to the next best option which is going somewhere sunny, sitting on a lounger with a cocktail and test Match Special on the radio. Except it doesn’t work, you think you can tune in your radio and pick up TMS (Test match Special) on long wave or better still just point a browser to the BBC iPlayer web site but you’ll be disappointed. All the TV stuff and the majority of the radio stations don’t work outside the UK, they check your IP address and stop all non-UK ones.  There are occasionally a TMS overseas link posted on on the BBC channel which has Test match special live Youtube footage but it’s fairly erratic and not always guaranteed.

How to Listen to Test Match Special Outside UK

test match special outside uk
It seems very unfair, after all I pay for my TV license which presumably funds not only the programmes but the website itself.  So why should’t I be able to listen to TMS abroad 2017 or even in 2018. Yet if I dare to step outside the United Kingdom it all stops working, no access at the point when I really need it most. There were plans afoot to stop this ridiculous situation, the EU are promoting the establishment of a fair digital market which allows access across geographic borders but I suppose Brexit has put a stop to that. So we’re left with a stupid situation that is pervasive across the world – leave your home county and most of your favorite web sites stop working.

It can be fixed, of course it can – there’s always a workaround on the internet, yet it does cost money. You just need to hide your IP address by redirecting through a VPN service which hides your location – something like this – This doubles up as a security service, to protect your logon credentials when using unknown wifi connections, but also allows the user the ability to sidestep all these stupid region locking attempts. Here’s basically how it’s done, although this demonstrates how to watch TV stations it can also be used to listen to all radio stations including 5 Live sports Extra abroad too.

It’s quite simple really, instead of your computer directly connecting to the website in question (let’s say the BBC for this example), it goes to the VPN server first. This connection is completely encrypted and so your data is safe but also any connection then appears to come from the VPN server not your computer. So the location of the VPN server is important not you, and the best providers have established a global network of these servers all in different countries. So if you want to access the BBC then you choose a UK based VPN, want some US only site like Hulu then choose one based in the USA and so on.

That’s it really, how to listen to Test match special in Europe or indeed anywhere else in the world as long as you have a decent internet connection.  It works on all sorts of devices and is the perfect way to access a TMS or BBC Radio 5 live stream or any other TV or radio station.

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Open up Those Netflix Versions

It is only in the last couple of years that Netflix has opened up it’s services globally.  In fact the media streaming service is now available in over 150 countries.  However up until that point many people still access the service even when it was technically not available.  In Australia for example, Netflix had over a quarter of a million subscribers even though the service was not supposedly accessible there.

If you tried to access Netflix from Australia you’d normally just get a warning message about it not being available.  However people used to connect to US VPN servers in order to hide their location and it all worked perfectly.   Until their expansion the company would tolerate this, after all people still had to pay their subscriptions even though technically they weren’t allowed to access the service.

The video demonstrates how people were able to access the service and bypass the companies geo-restrictions. Now of course Netflix is available in most developed countries including Australia however although it is available globally the versions vary greatly. American subscribers to the service have thousands more films than many of the other regional versions despite paying a similar subscription. However as soon as a US Netflix subscriber leaves the country they will be switched to the local version, which obviously can be quite frustrating.

Nowadays people use these programs to switch their Netflix versions to the one they prefer. There’s some more information in this post – How to Change Netflix Country which explains why you don’t need to be locked into this restrictive model that large media companies are trying to impose on the internet.

Although this is of course a minor issue, it is indicative of how increasingly we are seeing the internet being filtered, blocked and controlled. The World Wide web was meant to transcend international borders but we’re increasingly seeing this is not the case. So it might be just for watching a few more blockbusters on your Netflix account but using VPNs also strikes a blow for those who want equal and unfettered internet access for everyone.

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Why you Need Extra IP Addresses

Let’s face it, internet marketers spend a lot of time online and sometimes we need a few more identities than other people. We have web sites, we have blogs, we have Youtube and Instagram channels – we spread ourselves out across the web because we want to reach more people. We need more ‘likes’ and ‘links’ and those extra little social boosts make the difference to us paying our mortgages or not.

The simple fact is that for most people this is not that important, if no-one likes their Facebook post – big deal. If that last blog post about their experience on the Tube or in the supermarket vanishes without trace – well big deal, their lost. For people who make their living online though it represents an important failure in their business or employment. What’s more you may very well need one to unblock US Netflix !

If you have a YouTube channel, loved by millions then maybe you don’t need this subterfuge. However most of us don’t and it’s very useful to start the ball rolling with a little mild self promotion to get your latest work out heir into the internet ether. It’s not hurting anyone, if your other account shares your story on Facebook, if it likes a few comments on Youtube or just adds it to a few social bookmarking sites under different accounts.

However to do this, you need to keep these identities separate and that means not posting everything using the same, exact IP address. Of course, you can pop down to Starbucks and tour the local coffee shops to use their Wifi (and IP addresses) however this can get pretty time consuming and expensive. So which is why people use proxies, VPNs and online IP changers to alter their addresses and stop getting blocked and banned by overusing their normal ISP assigned address.

It’s simply a fact of life for those who make their living online, we need more IP addresses simply to do our jobs properly. This is also in addition to all the tools and analytic devices we need to use, again most of them limited if you use a single IP address. For example Google will only you perform so many searches per minute which many SEO tools go way over.

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Some of the Best Films on Netflix

Should you recently saw Gone Girl, you ought to return and see a few of the most effective films created by director, David Fincher. I understand, I am aware of, this really isn’t a film. Unlike Spotlight, it is a good film. There’s a very long history of films about films, and this also is among my favourites.

Netflix will often land three or four significant movie titles annually, but the remainder of their movie selection will be plenty of filler, also it’s difficult to wade through it to get the best gems. The total list of Amazon’s unique TV series can be found on Wikipedia here. It’s much easier than browsing Netflix. Here are just a couple things to think about while browsing for much more French movies on Netflix.

Netflix is a company that supplies streaming movie assistance, together with a mail order DVD rental support. Netflix’s monthly fee features flexibility to join, halt the service, and re-join if it’s desired. Although it’s latest crackdown on blocking VPN services has not proved popular.

Being surprised by means of a movie is among the exceptional joys that cinema can offer, a feeling that’s nearly not possible to replicate elsewhere. Donnie Yen is among those few martial artists that performs real-world action within the movies. This film isn’t like that one, but nevertheless it’s still an excellent offering within that sort of genre. In summary, it’s the ideal film for any person who’s ever felt, within the parlance of Frances herself, undateable.

Both of These titans of wit and writing proved essentially archetypes for their various political ideologies. Even his very best work nowadays is in the specific form of huge tentpole films.

You will also have the capacity to seek out episodes you would like to watch and make your own playlists. Specially when a number of the movies aren’t obtainable in the Watch Instantly option.We have chosen here a number of the best movies you may watch on netflix at the moment. In case your playlist is great enough, it may even wind up getting shared with the remainder of the app’s users.

A different way to make a decision as to what to watch relies on the number of different users watch an episode. It’s just that, there are a lot of movies but there’s so little time. Then, each time you will need to watch an extra movie, check back this page.

There’s a war happening between Vampires and Lycans. This movie is actually a live example of his own hard-fist actions. Killing it’ll end the war forever. A complete precursor to the great Civil War raging in cinemas at this time.

Each graph of every episode will appear slightly different. It’s an easy means to be certain to check out all of the fan favorites and never having to try too hard. Additionally, There are steaming channels, character biographies and much more on the manner. The ideal part about isn’t any particular plot point or possibly a random conversation.

When you accept there isn’t anything interesting about DiCaprio’s money-worshipping protagonist, the movie is some thing of the riot. A boring movie may be a true bummer and allow you to waste a whole evening. Selene is among those from vampire side. On the opposite day your mood differs and you again begin searching another movie.

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Methods for Watching the American Netflix

Netflix is the number one video service available on the internet and it’s getting increasingly more popular each day. This distinctive service is well known for their exclusive features whereby users can readily get access into US Netflix and make an account there so that, they are able to watch every one of the well-known movies and TV shows just like US users. Considering each one of the advantages and entertainment which you receive, the price is quite affordable. If you inhabit in UK and wish to access US Netflix, you may pick from a lot of ways to do this.

If you would like to have the capacity to watch UK TV from abroad, all over the world even China. In regards to internet streaming solutions, there’s a huge disparity between what’s available to Canadians and what’s available to Americans. Folks have to stop blaming Netflix, because you can simply use a proxy for Netflix wherever you are. In the current times they save their time and money by watching movies over the internet for free while sitting in their home relaxed.

She got lots of critical acclaim. Let’s say you’ve read within this blog about an outstanding film which was recently made obtainable in Canadian Netflix. There are a number of excellent websites and blogs which are restricted from using everyone outside the United States. There’s an excellent grounds for this.

If you’re able to get past the price, the Samsung BD-P3600 Blu-ray Player is the perfect choice to fulfill all of your High Definition requirements. The Samsung LCD TV models have the ability to achieve high degree of brightness. The BD-C7900 is among Samsung’s newest 3D Blu-ray Disc Players. Learn how Blockbuster on-line DVD rental program called Total Access works and discover how it’s different from their other on-line competitors.

So to be fair among each of the contenders I’ve acquired a 1 month account to create the exact tests which you could see on the published table on this particular similar post. Whether this television ticks all of the appropriate boxes then visit another electrical retailer for quite a low selling price. This gaming system is an excellent gaming system that can provide a variety of suggestions and games.

They’re the only ones which don’t supply an on-line Chat support assistance, so I just needed to wait until my ticket gets responded. Unfortunately I couldn’t locate any distinctive offers for this particular service. This video will highlight how to. This fantastic gaming system has numerous characteristics and components.

They don’t offer a SmartDNS assistance, but should you require VPN it might be a terrific choice to go for PIA. Consequently, we real advise this VPN package to anybody. Blockless is just really simple to setup. VyprVPN belongs in a select listing of elite VPNs in regards to security.

Put simply, ONE Netflix subscription is sufficient. On your primary account page, choose the region you’d want to view Netflix from. Netflix content is dependent upon location. It’s missing streaming services like Netflix and Amazon On Demand.

If you’re able to only stream your regional Netflix region, then you’ve got both detection methods enabled. If you’d like paid VPNs, take a look at ExpressVPN or Unblock-Us. You could also watch Netflix from a U.S. IP address when surfing the internet with a neighborhood address, which is really a convenient feature.

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Switching Your IP Addresses

Let’s say your network is likely to work within the 172.16.100.X address space, so you are going to have to change the entire address of the router. If this is so, you’ll need to remember to are still employing the right array and you hold a proper exclusion set for the brand new address.

IP addresses are extremely easily changed, and many people utilize the Internet from different IP addresses every single day. A IP address is somewhat like a house address within the sense that it’s an identifier. Now, your IP address needs to be changed. Your IP address can seem to be located in some of the countries given below.


Furthermore, they are rather unreliable and difficult to find, so unless you hold a lot of time in your hands, this might be a frustrating way of changing your IP address location. Remember this method is only going to reset your Mac’s IP address to a brand-new one within an identical region. From a privacy perspective, altering your IP address to prevent tracking isn’t much different than changing up your phone number to prevent telemarketing or stalking.

If you just need to change the IP address of your own web browser, you are able to instead utilize a proxy relay (see the links at the peak of this site for your own browser). Here settings for every network interface are available. Changing the MAC address of the brand-new interface will address the issue. Modify the IP address within the file for the principal network interface.

VPNs might be free or you could cover the service. You can’t utilize the IPv6 proxy name. Some VPN providers have a massive variety of potential IP addresses that one can use, in a variety of countries. Someone who’s outside your house network and doesn’t have access to your own network router cannot change your IP address. The VPN changes your external IP address, the public facing one which is perfect in situations where you need something like US IP addresses to access something only available in the USA.

Dynamic IP Addressing can be properly used by families with various computers or by a tiny small business owner that has a house office. All configuration info is stored in NDS. Changing the manually assigned IP address of the workstation is a rather straightforward job, but that is not so much the case in regards to a Window server. Please be aware that this could significantly affect your system security.

With this specific feature, you really do not have to download our Dynamic Update Client. This written composition will explain how to change your IP address in Windows XP using an easy and totally free procedure. Setup instructions as well as videos on establishing a wireless IP camera along with other information, you can even use the neat little tool at this online IP changer.

In case you have a residence network with various computes and devices, it is a wonderful thought to assign each of them a particular address. Therefore, if you are away and wish to access your pc remotely, but you need the wrong IP address, you won’t manage to connect to your own computer. A IP camera has its very own web network server inside the camera. A IP camera plus a DVR will transmit twenty-four hours a day without the necessity of the computer, only an active router

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How to Make the Most of Your Clickbank Product Launch

Promoting and selling products with Clickbank has become a fast growing affiliate network. Can you see why Clickbank might prove to be a fantastic place to sell your products too? Launching and creating products with Clickbank requires that you understand even the tiniest detail that goes with creating successful campaigns. In the following article we aim to look into how you can launch a successful product on Clickbank and actually make profits.

The best products on Clickbank are not the ones that give every detail or nugget of information on a specific niche. The real key for creating sensational information products involves zeroing in on a specific problem that people in your niche have and offering them a real-time solution they’d be willing to pay money to have. When you create your Clickbank product it needs to target a known problem while offering a solution that can be applied right there on the spot in order to create a sense of urgency among your target audience. Getting hold of the pain points of your customers is necessary if you really want to serve them the right way. Secondly, keep a track of your product’s performance and see how it’s growing on the network. In order to track your product you’ll need to watch what’s happening with affiliates, sales, and conversion rates. If you take the time to become aware of what’s happening in these areas you will have a better chance of good product response.

In order to see results coming your way, you should be ready to take consistent action even after creating and launching your Clickbank product. There is absolutely no way to succeed in the long term except by taking targeted action that benefits your product and gives your customers the service they are looking for. After you are launched and things, hopefully, are rolling along; then you can enjoy a good income and then do it again. As you can see from the above information Clickbank can help you make the most out of your product. It doesn’t really matter what niche you decide to target provided that it’s a profitable on with a sustainable market. So go ahead, start applying what you’ve learned here in order to find long term success with Clickbank and to become a successful product seller on the network.

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How Much Do You Really Want SEOPressor?

If you are marketing online, you probably know that search engine optimization is necessary for your website to succeed. If you want to get traffic to your site, it’s important to be able to optimize your site with the search engines. There is a lot of hype surrounding SEOPressor, and some are claiming it’s the ultimate plug-in for optimizing websites. Can it really do all this for you? How much can it really help your online business?

SEOPressor is actually a plug-in for WordPress. This is a very straightforward product that you will be able to use to enhance the efforts of your website. The largest problem with this product is that it can only be installed on WordPress. If you do not use WordPress for your websites, you will not be able to use this particular plug-in and you will have to do all of your SEO work yourself.

Thankfully, with the upgrades that WordPress has made, installing this particular plug in is pretty easy. It only takes a minute or two to install it and get it to work. If you want to ensure the best performance of the plug-in, you need to download the most recently updated version of it. As of this writing, the most recently released plug-in is version 3.2 This overrides any of the older plug-ins and is meant to work with the latest WordPress release as well. In this case, you cannot “make do” with an older version of the plug-in. This particular plug-in has been set up in such a manner that you will be able to get the upgraded version as soon as it released (and your current version stops working well). It can be annoying, but it serves a purpose: the world of SEO changes a lot, so the plug-in changes to keep up with the latest trends and information. That’s really great!

One of the most useful features of the plug-in for any affiliate marketer is the way it works easily with Clickbank. There is a space in the plug-in’s back end that asks for your ClickBank ID. Your sites can be prepared in seconds to sell Clickbank affiliate products. No complicated coding to learn. Just put in your affiliate ID and you are ready to go. This plug-in makes it much easier to sell affiliate products. Anyone who sells Clickbank items and is looking for a way to save time will love this plug-in!

SEOPressor is one of the top plug-ins you can buy to make success much more likely for you. This particular product will help you increase your SEO success and give you the ranks you want to have. Search engine optimization is very important for internet marketers to understand. The more you understand it, the more money you will make. This product is meant to show you just how you can stay on top of the internet marketing game.

Does it earn its asking price? That depends on how much you know already about search engine optimization.

The only way to know is to try it, which we did. If you are curious about the SEOPressor plug-in, what follows are the conclusions we came to about it. If you want to optimize your site in many diverse ways, SEOPressor can be very useful. While keyword research is something you still have to do on your own, this plug-in helps you make best use of them. It reminds you to use them in places like your titles and images. This is a way to get the most out of your keywords and rank better without doing anything unethical or “black hat.” Sometimes when you try to increase keyword density you end up with written content that doesn’t read well, but when you use alternate text for images you avoid this issue.

Once you install this plug-in you have access to a very helpful back end. It allows you to add keywords to your content when you need to. It is where you control the look and feel of your keywords and affiliate links. The features are not too complicated to use after you get accustomed to it. You simply have to get your feet wet and try everything and you’ll be able to figure it out. At the same time, just because you can do whatever you want with this plug-in doesn’t mean you should overdo it, as this can cause problems for your site with the search engines. One useful function this plug-in performs is doing an analysis of your keywords and suggesting how you could improve their use for better optimization. Learning how often to use your keywords and where to put them is a skill that takes time to master. With SEOPressor, you simply tell it which posts to analyze and it will make suggestions for better optimization. The plug-in will actually be giving you SEO lessons as it points out how to make improvements. Some internet marketers, of course, know how to use keywords for SEO and won’t find this very impressive.

There are many aspects to improving the optimization of your sites. Plug-ins can be used in quite a few ways to improve the search engine optimization of WordPress sites. SEOPressor is really made for people who want a plug-in that can do an impressive number of SEO-related activities, so if this is you, you may want to buy it. This plug-in, then, is ideally suited for anyone who is ambitious about optimizing their site and either needs help or wants to save time with this work.

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What another Loophole – Profit Loophole Review

Dave Kelly is an internet marketing expert whose previous programs, Authority Loophole and MSN Loophole have helped many people to profit online. These products all did some of what they promised and more, usually leaving nothing out. His most recent product, is called the Profit Loophole and it’s a course on how to succeed at site flipping by building profitable websites and selling them. This course is based on Dave’s own considerable experience at site flipping, so the material is based on practical and tested methods. He covers the entire process, from creating a site to bringing traffic to it and making it profitable so that you can get a good price when you sell it. Many people have tried this business model, but the majority of them have failed. We can be glad that Dave decided to release this product and show people how they can succeed at this. In this review, we’ll be looking more closely at Profit Loophole to see what you can gain from it.

Profit Loophole gives you a systematic plan to develop targeted niche websites that will give you a good ROI or return on your investment in the future. The website buying and selling market is always full of entrepreneurs who want to buy a profitable site and this course will show you how to get into this exact market and earn the big money you want. The course hands you every strategy you need to create sites until you start earning a nice income from them for four to five months and then put them up for sale. This course teaches you how to make a mark for yourself in this market as well as giving you a long term business strategy.

You can find all kinds of ways to make some cash on the web, but one solid and lasting method certainly would be flipping websites. Even though site flipping isn’t new, Dave gives you a fresh perspective and the latest techniques to succeed with it. You’ll also be shown the major mistakes and pitfalls that trip-up so many other marketers.

So do you have a genuine opportunity to build a long-term online business with this model?

Profit Loophole, then, delivers an all-inclusive system for running a profitable, long term business by building and selling websites. Currently, many people are interested in website flipping, and this is a way you can profit from this trend. There is still not much awareness about how profitable site flipping can be, so there are still ample opportunities to enter this market. If you were to use the Profit Loophole system to create several websites each month, you’d eventually have a steady stream of profits coming in. As these sites get created, you just need to build traffic to them and make them profitable so that they can be sold in a few months time.

In summation, Profit Loophole is a total site flipping course that teaches students how to build a business and make it successful. Is the effort worth it, in my opinion it’s a model that could work to raise cash in the short term. Selling these websites consistently for the returns mentioned in my opinion would be difficult, creation of new web sites is becoming easier and easier so the perceived value of them is also falling. It’s simple to cite example of a few websites fetching X amount, but remember you have to keep getting those returns month after month.

Maybe it’s just me but the only way making income out of flipping websites that appeals to me – is selling a course explaining how to do it. I suggest there are way easier ways to make money online than creating this web flipping treadmill. Personally I’d rather create web sites and use SEO Marketing to create income creating web sites or even just web pages, flip your web site and you’ve got a few bucks in your pocket but no ongoing income. Flipping websites always appears real hard monotonous work to me, with no passive income – in fact pretty much a regular job. But if it’s for you – you can read more here – Profit Loophole, if you are looking for a blueprint and one that does produce hands-off income I’d have a look at Affiliate Silver Bullet to be honest although this does require a lot of work to get going.

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