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Adding New Topics to your Blog

Regularly generating new ideas to blog about is one of the most difficult aspects of running a blog. If you aren’t certain where and how to do your research, then things could get quite hard for you, especially if your blog needs fresh content regularly. The purpose of this article is to help you work with various methods that can assist you in finding new topics whenever you want.

Go to an event and communicate with others who have ideas like you. This is a sensational way to get topics for your posts because they have a lot of people and activities going on. You can even literally ask for ideas from other people. Just talk with them and discuss your blog.

While have a conversation about your blog, ask them what they find appealing and what they want to see in future blog posts. Go through the national newspaper and also magazine stories. There are plenty of national news pieces that will relate to your audience and you can analyze how it affects them. You can cover national trends and you will find that your audience will turn to you more often because they know you will show them how current news can affect them. One approach to maximize the information is to ask questions such as “What is the next step?” or “What aren’t they revealing?” and deal with these issues and others that haven’t been tackled in the articles published by these papers. Simply analyze the news and make forecasts based on it as this will make your audience feel they are far ahead of the game. Another source for information and blog post ideas are the smaller publications which are quite valuable especially to those dealing with narrow niches. You can look at the specialty columns in local papers or weekly business magazines. It’s an excellent opportunity for you to generate great ideas and publish posts on the different stories because not many people read these publications. You won’t find it too difficult to create a blog post on this information since most of it is easy to reuse.

Another way of getting interesting ideas for your blog post is by asking a friend. You can get new topics by brainstorming with your friend. You probably can get some interesting ideas by focusing on the problems that you want to address. You can interview the people who you think have the same interests as you do. Get in touch with possible interviewees that would be interested in contributing to your blog in the form of an interview.

There are many authors and thinkers out there that would be more than interested to give you an Interview by answering a few questions that you throw at them. If you think that interviewing people isn’t effective, you can join a blogger’s group and look around for ideas. When joining a blogger’s group, you will be able to come up with new ideas since you will be asked on what you are planning to post on your blog. Also, knowing the topics of other bloggers can help generate new ideas into your mind. Thinking outside the box and doing your homework are the best things to do in order to come up with great blog post ideas that can even give you long term results.

All in all, from the above article we come to understand how getting new blog post ideas can be a fun and intriguing experience. The more you use these simple techniques to generate ideas for blog posts, the easier it will become and the better the response from your readership will be. If you tie these in with sensible SEO marketing concepts such as keyword research and optimizing your posts then you’ll soon find your readership growing.

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How To Get Your Site Indexed Quickly

Don’t forget threes an important step for any new site, for getting your website indexed in major search engines. You can’t get your site ranked without having it indexed, search engine traffic is very valuable. Getting your site in the search engine doesn’t take long and can be a quick and easy process. Altogether, what does it take to get a site indexed? Do it quickly as possible.

The very first step in this process is focusing on social bookmarking sites you can submit to like Delicious and Digg. These sites have gained prominence in the eyes of the search engines since they are updated on a regular basis.

This makes indexing your site easy since they are so influential in the eyes of the search engines. Social bookmarking in simple terms has become an addiction for many and a need for the others, so taking advantage of these sites will not only help you with the indexing, but it will also give your site added exposure. Social media is growing with warp speed and it has many benefits for webmasters; make sure you don’t ignore this step!

Next, consider if your site can serve as a great resource for others looking for help if it offers target information to your targeted audience. If could be a resource, you have the opportunity to add your site’s link to Wikipedia. An entry into Wikipedia can speed up the process of getting your website indexed because it’s one of the most powerful authority sites today. It takes a while to add your site’s link to Wikipedia but doing so has long term benefits like indirect traffic.

Last of all; look for the greatest forums or discussion boards in you niche and register with them. Forums have a terrific affiliation with the search engines as they are updated with new and unique content on a normal basis. When you register an account on the widely held forums in your niche, you’ll have the ability to announce them. On the contrary, how does this assist you with you indexing? Forums make it available for you to append your website’s link in the signature which shows up at the bottom of each post. When the search engine spiders pop in on the forum and examine it for recent subject matter, they’ll come across your link and list it in their index. This is an easy way to get your website noticed by the search engines.

In conclusion, this article has hopefully made you starkly aware of what it takes to get your site indexed using a few simple but useful techniques outlined above. With the information you’ve learned here it’s easy to see how simple these steps are to apply and what the outcome might actually bring for your website.

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Best Casino Affiliate Program – Making SEO Pay

There are many problems with making money from casino and roulette sites. Finding the best casino affiliate program is just one of them but it is definitely one of the most important decisions you can make. Make no mistake you can have the greatest casino site on the web, get related traffic streaming through your site but choose the wrong casino to promote and you’re wasting your time.

Believe me when I say, stay away from the glitzy unknown casinos, that offer huge bonuses and overly generous affiliate schemes – 50% share of nothing is still nothing. There are plenty of online casinos that will rip off both affiliates and their players so stay away from these. The best affiliate program for a casino is the one that treats it’s players well and makes the affiliate money – that’s why it’s so hard to find a good one.

So What is the Best Casino Affiliate Program

Of course there’s no single answer to this question, however I can tell you the ones that have worked for me. First of all you need to look at the market you’re targeting – the casino site market is split down the middle geographically. Most of the best, safest and well run online sites are in Europe with a doubt however because of strange US legislations none of them will accept players from the USA. You have to think carefully about this or you’ll find yourself in my position – huge amounts of American traffic but all my casino sites didn’t accept US players, clever huh !

Here are the best Casino sites in my opinion to promote to European players.

Dublin Bet Casino
There are two problems with the majority of online casinos – firstly they are all computer controlled by a random number generator. This is fine accept it puts a lot of people off, you go all in on black and the computer spins a red – it’s hard not too feel cheated! You feel like you’re playing against a computer (a computer who knows what you have bet on!) – believe me many players feel the same.

The second issue is that most casino games are unsociable, sitting looking at an animated roulette wheel is just boring. There is no fun, social interaction or distraction to add to the game. Again a game like roulette loses lots of it’s fun when played on an animated wheel.

Fortunately there are now a large number of online casino operators who recognize this and have created the live casino experience. They have cut out the animations and use video streaming to allow you to play live games with a real croupier. There is one site which has actually gone a step further though and streams it’s live games from a physical casino which you can play. This means that you play alongside the people who are physically in the casino, playing the same games with them. It’s way more fun and your players will think so too, I promoted 4 casinos online alongside each other for 6 months and the Dublin bet scheme generated 6 times as much income as the other 3 combined.

Here’s there Affiliate Scheme Link – Dublinbet Affiliate

They pay the next month, usually before the 5th or 6th and can pay in a variety of sources including checks or bank transfers. The cheapest and easiest forms I’ve found is using Moneybookers though.

When it comes down to it I think this is the best casino affiliate program simply because it makes the most profits and the players enjoy it.

Casino Affiliate Program for US Players

It took me a while but I finally realised (doh) that many of my visitors simply could not join the online casino I was promoting so I had to find the best one that would accept online players from the USA. I believe I have found the best one to promote – they’re called Bodog. They basically just play fair, the odds of winning at most of their games are higher, the customer support is great for affiliates and players, plus they always pay up.

They want offer the ridiculous 3 times bonuses that some suspect sites will offer, simply because they honor their bets. I’ve been an affiliate with them for a while and they’ve been 100% honest with me and seem to have a great reputation throughout the industry.

Here’s the link to their affiliate site if you want to sign up, make sure you have a website set up before hand – it will help your application greatly.

Starting off your casino affiliate site can be a little daunting, they’re some incredible sites around. So I’d like to offer you some help to get started – try out this wonderful, free casino wordpress template – available to download here

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SEO – A Great New Career

I was speaking to a friend of mine last week, he’d had some bad luck and was looking for work.   He was interested in the fact that I always seemed to have plenty of money and what was I doing – then I dropped the phrase of SEO in the conversation.  To those of us who make our living online it’s a very obvious phrase, Search Engine Optimisation is a skill that lies at the heart of almost all internet marketers success. The simple reason is that it offers the chance to bring specific visitors, seeking specific information to our websites.  SEO is at the core of bringing me customers  to my websites which ultimately earn me money.

But it got me thinking, SEO isn’t difficult – as you can see by the many Internet marketers making thousands online – you don’t really need to be that clever to get behind what works and what doesn’t.  In fact I often suspect you can be too clever in SEO,  by over analysing and not concentrating on the basics.  I don’t think I can think of another skill that you can sit down and learn in a few weeks that can potentially become anything from a few extra bucks in your purse or wallet to a multi million pound business  very quickly.

But honestly SEO does have that potential, certainly few reach the million pound level ( I haven’t yet) and indeed many give up, but millions make their living online now.   When you consider the investment in time compared to getting a college degree, then the rewards are quite impressive.  So if you land up on this page, if your fed up with  your job or worse have just lost it – then start studying SEO it could be the best move you ever make.   Don’t buy products, course  or software at the beginning though – just use a search engine and read – everything you need is already online – if you learn the concepts properly you’ll think of ways to implement them yourself.

SEO could be the key to a great new life, career or perhaps just a hobby – I can guarantee it has the potential to be life changing though, because it has changed mine.

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Time to Vary that Anchor Text

Now if you follow the latest in SEO tactics, you’re probably aware about the advice on anchor text. For the last couple of years the general concensus has been to keep exactly the same anchor text (the keywords you’re trying to rank for) from as many inbound links as you can.

A few people (me included) have always been rather unhappy about this – it simply screams out that the page is being optimised for SEO purposes. Although not quite as obvious as the once effective keyword stuffing, it is lets say not exactly hard to spot.
An algorithm as complex as the search engines would have little difficulty in discounting pages with an obvious manipulated pattern of anchor text links. Unfortunately despite misgivings the problem is that maintaining this rather spammy consistency has until now seemed to work – but I think it’s changing.

Since the caffeine update all my web pages with such an artificial link profile have suffered in the SERPs. I have also noticed when analysing the competition for keywords I would like to rank for that websites with exact matches of thousands of keyword anchors are becoming rare. In fact I’m increasingly seeing websites ranking for very difficult keywords with NO matching Anchor Text Links – imagine that !!!

It was bound to happen of course, by having a ranking system that is heavily determined by a factor such as the number of links with matching anchor text – your bound to get crappier search engine results. Why focus on the content when you can just build links instead.

But folks believe me it is changing, now is the time to start varying that anchor text big time, but see it is an opportunity to rank for other relevant terms rather than a big penalty. It was bound to happen, SEO is almost inevitably going to become a more subtle art form as it develops. Clicking a button to send thousands of Xrummer links to your new web site to get in ranked highly was of course convenient but it was never going to last !

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Starting Out in Internet Marketing

Of all the ways to make money online, Internet marketing offers so much potential for building a lucrative business. This article will be discussing a few Internet marketing tips to help you grow your online business.

The method you choose will determine how easy or difficult it is to market products on the internet. If you have a fair bit of time but not too much money, then you should opt for no cost marketing methods such as article or SEO marketing. But if you do have the money to invest and can’t wait for traffic, then you should go for Pay per Click marketing or PPC. This is one of the fastest methods to send qualified visitors to your offer. Even though there are a number of PPC services to choose from, Google AdWords is the best when it comes to quality. AdWords is the proprietary PPC platform that belongs to Google where you can place ads and drive traffic in less than 30 minutes. Due to the fact that it is easy to use and can send a very large volume of traffic, AdWords is the platform most PPC marketers choose. The only problem with AdWords is that it takes some learning to know how to use it effectively and if you don’t learn all you can you can end up losing significant amounts of money. If you want to succeed with Google AdWords, then you need to understand that you shouldn’t start off big. You need to ensure that your keyword research is effective because you need to find relevant terms that will drive relevant traffic. You need to make sure that you use all the tools that AdWords provides to increase the effectiveness of your campaign. Then, you need to make sure that your daily budget is not too high in the beginning, as you can increase it as soon as your campaign becomes profitable. There’s a lot to learn with Google AdWords. You can read as many books, articles and even tutorials as you like, but nothing beats experience to learn the ins and outs of AdWords.

You should always concentrate on your long term goals as you make your internet marketing business bigger. There are too many internet marketers that only look at their short term goals that will make them the money they want quickly. You don’t want to do that as you only want to make a business that has money coming in all the time without you doing much to it. Don’t be short-sighted, but rather put in the hard work and dedication to make huge leaps. You have much money to make as there are lots of ways to earn with internet marketing. It might be wise to focus on short term goals so that you can earn a profit that you can invest back into it. Take calculated risks that you know will pay off and watch as your Internet marketing venture grows by leaps and bounds.

RSS feeds are a great way to reach more of your targeted traffic. RSS is better known as Really Simple Syndication and it makes it so that people can feed right to your content and they’ll know instantly whenever you update it. Ensure you use RSS feeds with newsletters and blogs so that people who want to read your content in their RSS readers can do so effortlessly.

You’ll want to make it simple for readers to subscribe to your feeds and you should help them comprehend how to update it.

Now you see that internet marketing isn’t hard, you just have to learn and develop the skills required. Therefore, make sure you’re including enough time and work so that you can get the results you’re after.

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How Much Do You Really Want SEOPressor?

If you are marketing online, you probably know that search engine optimization is necessary for your website to succeed. If you want to get traffic to your site, it’s important to be able to optimize your site with the search engines. There is a lot of hype surrounding SEOPressor, and some are claiming it’s the ultimate plug-in for optimizing websites. Can it really do all this for you? How much can it really help your online business?

SEOPressor is actually a plug-in for WordPress. This is a very straightforward product that you will be able to use to enhance the efforts of your website. The largest problem with this product is that it can only be installed on WordPress. If you do not use WordPress for your websites, you will not be able to use this particular plug-in and you will have to do all of your SEO work yourself.

Thankfully, with the upgrades that WordPress has made, installing this particular plug in is pretty easy. It only takes a minute or two to install it and get it to work. If you want to ensure the best performance of the plug-in, you need to download the most recently updated version of it. As of this writing, the most recently released plug-in is version 3.2 This overrides any of the older plug-ins and is meant to work with the latest WordPress release as well. In this case, you cannot “make do” with an older version of the plug-in. This particular plug-in has been set up in such a manner that you will be able to get the upgraded version as soon as it released (and your current version stops working well). It can be annoying, but it serves a purpose: the world of SEO changes a lot, so the plug-in changes to keep up with the latest trends and information. That’s really great!

One of the most useful features of the plug-in for any affiliate marketer is the way it works easily with Clickbank. There is a space in the plug-in’s back end that asks for your ClickBank ID. Your sites can be prepared in seconds to sell Clickbank affiliate products. No complicated coding to learn. Just put in your affiliate ID and you are ready to go. This plug-in makes it much easier to sell affiliate products. Anyone who sells Clickbank items and is looking for a way to save time will love this plug-in!

SEOPressor is one of the top plug-ins you can buy to make success much more likely for you. This particular product will help you increase your SEO success and give you the ranks you want to have. Search engine optimization is very important for internet marketers to understand. The more you understand it, the more money you will make. This product is meant to show you just how you can stay on top of the internet marketing game.

Does it earn its asking price? That depends on how much you know already about search engine optimization.

The only way to know is to try it, which we did. If you are curious about the SEOPressor plug-in, what follows are the conclusions we came to about it. If you want to optimize your site in many diverse ways, SEOPressor can be very useful. While keyword research is something you still have to do on your own, this plug-in helps you make best use of them. It reminds you to use them in places like your titles and images. This is a way to get the most out of your keywords and rank better without doing anything unethical or “black hat.” Sometimes when you try to increase keyword density you end up with written content that doesn’t read well, but when you use alternate text for images you avoid this issue.

Once you install this plug-in you have access to a very helpful back end. It allows you to add keywords to your content when you need to. It is where you control the look and feel of your keywords and affiliate links. The features are not too complicated to use after you get accustomed to it. You simply have to get your feet wet and try everything and you’ll be able to figure it out. At the same time, just because you can do whatever you want with this plug-in doesn’t mean you should overdo it, as this can cause problems for your site with the search engines. One useful function this plug-in performs is doing an analysis of your keywords and suggesting how you could improve their use for better optimization. Learning how often to use your keywords and where to put them is a skill that takes time to master. With SEOPressor, you simply tell it which posts to analyze and it will make suggestions for better optimization. The plug-in will actually be giving you SEO lessons as it points out how to make improvements. Some internet marketers, of course, know how to use keywords for SEO and won’t find this very impressive.

There are many aspects to improving the optimization of your sites. Plug-ins can be used in quite a few ways to improve the search engine optimization of WordPress sites. SEOPressor is really made for people who want a plug-in that can do an impressive number of SEO-related activities, so if this is you, you may want to buy it. This plug-in, then, is ideally suited for anyone who is ambitious about optimizing their site and either needs help or wants to save time with this work.

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Some Useful Tips For SEO Beginners

Making SEO work for you can be a challenge even though there is lots of info available. Achieving long term results can be made much more effective with these tips.

One of the main things that you need to keep in mind when optimizing your site for the search engines is: focus on offering unique content. What the search engines are looking for above all else are sites that provide internet users with helpful and informative content. So if your site is about musical instruments, find keywords that go with this topic and publish original material around these terms and the search engines will be happy. The better your content, the more traffic you’ll get from the search engines, and additionally you’ll get more repeat visitors to your website. Don’t give in to the temptation of using duplicate content, as this is something that will only hurt your ranking and the search engines may even ban your site. People who use duplicate content on their sites do it because they believe it will help them to get a high ranking, but they end up being disappointed. You should focus on publishing original, relevant and high quality content that will please both visitors and the search engines. Also, keep adding fresh content to your site if you really want to keep the search engines impressed. The search engines want to see that the content on your site is current, so the more you keep it updated the better it is for you.

While meta tags were once very significant in terms of getting a site ranked, they are not nearly as effective these days. This has to do with changes in the way search engines look at your site. Whereas they once looked at tags, now they are more concerned with a site’s content. For SEO Marketing purposes, you still have to be sure that your keywords and description meta tags are properly set up. Your description is what the search engines use in their listings, so this is what people surfing the internet see.

So make sure the description meta tag contains appropriate content. SEO can be complicated but if you keep these small things in mind, it’ll turn simple in the long run. Be sure to use your main keywords in the keyword tag, so the search engines can relate your site to the right keywords. In addition to using your keywords in the meta tag, make sure they are prominent in your site’s content.

Take advantage of the ways that the search engines can help you. Search engines try to make it easier for people to improve their sites, and they make some tools available for this purpose. These are some surprisingly effective resources that can really help you improve your SEO efforts. One of the most basic SEO tasks is keyword research. Google’s Keyword Tool is available to everyone, and this shows you many helpful facts about your keywords and can help you generate a new keyword list. In most cases, the programs that marketers are always advertising are no better than these free online tools. In conclusion, search engine optimization can be seen as the easiest way to generate targeted traffic, without having to worry about any losses.

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Some More Internet Marketing Tips

There are many people who are attempting internet marketing these days and so it has increased in popularity as of late. The idea that you can sit home and work and still bring in lots of cash is very attractive, and it can be a reality as long as you have the right education. There is a lot to learn but when you master a skill like SEO marketing then it really can change your life.

You need to know that the most important aspect to internet marketing is choosing the correct niche. There are many factors that determine your success or failure in internet marketing, but your choice of niche is the most important one. Your niche has an influence on the rest of your business so it will determine whether or not you’ll succeed. You should always choose a niche that you are passionate about. If you choose niches you have no passion for, you will display this in your marketing efforts. Niches that are too broad are another thing you want to stay away from. This way you would not only avoid the major competition but you’ll also be able to serve the market really well. If here aren’t people competing against you, you’ll easily be able to take over any niche. Search engine ranking is another thing you’ll be able to dominate with no serious competition. There are other things that might affect your online marketing campaign, but these factors will only come into play after you’ve gone through the process of finding a good niche.

Every internet marketer also needs to learn the importance of getting groups of quality back links. Building the wrong types of backlinks, on the other hand, can hurt you as far as your search engine ranking is concerned and it can cause you to miss out on a good amount of profit. Your incoming links should be from other relevant websites that belong to the same niche or are related in some way. By high quality links here we mean one way backlinks, not reciprocal linking. Search engines have changed their rules and now see more importance in links that only point one way. Search engines use those to see that you are getting something positive from the sites and blogs that have links that point to yours. It’s possible to build quality back links by doing a number of things but if you were to send emails to webmasters, this would be the simplest way.

And lastly, learn from the masters as much as possible. You can’t go wrong by following what the experts are doing and how they’re going about marketing their products to other people. Notice how they write their headlines, how they place their ads, what kind of articles they write, etc. You will find that there is so much to learn from once you really start examining things. Why do you want to re-invent the wheel when you can just copy the best?

You now see just how hard internet marketing can be, but you can become great at it if you really work hard.

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Social Bookmarking Sites and SEO

If you’ve studied any Search engine optimisation techniques at all, you should have learnt about the importance of building links to your web sites. A link pointing to your website is a ‘vote of confidence’ in the eyes of the search engines. There are some very important links I want to tell you about and the role of social bookmarking sites in SEO.

You’ll see may different people telling you what sort of links to get, and there is no doubt that some are much more powerful than others. But basically the more links you get the better, and social bookmarking links are easy to get and usually have a powerful benefit on your rankings. This used to be quite easy, sign up for a bunch of accounts and then bookmark your own sites and all the pages. Unfortunately this doesn’t work anymore, build links from the same accounts, same IP addresses well at best you’ll just be wasting your time. You see you need other people to bookmark your site but obviously this isn’t quite as simple.

But of course use Internet marketers are a resourceful bunch, methods were devised mostly groups of people set up to agree to bookmark each others web sites. Unfortunately these rarely worked for long, people stopped bookmarking other people sites or groups fell apart – it also took a very long time. I was a member of several of these groups and now I’m only in two such systems and I want to tell you about the very best of these.

SocialAdr is a unique system, there is nothing like it on the market at all at the moment. It’s been developed over the last 12 months or so and now is one of the most powerful SEO tools in existence. SocialADR leverages the power of the social bookmarking sites to boost whichever website you like.

Social Bookmarking System for SEO

Here is a quick look at the interface,  it’s slick and well programmed and unlike 99% of all Internet Marketing tools pretty much bug free !

The system works like this, you set up accounts at currently 19 social bookmarking sites and put them into the system.  It’s all done within the interface and takes a minute or so for each one.    From this point this is the only interaction you have with these sites, it’s all done through Social Adr is powerful back end servers from now.

You can then earn credits by bookmarking other peoples web sites, you simple click on the share button next to a website and you create a bookmark on all the accounts you created.  You earn a credit for each one you share and the system keeps a count of these credits.

You are then able to add your own websites into the system, select a page you want to get links to, type up a description and then other users will share your bookmarks.   The beauty of this system is that the links you receive are from other peoples accounts, each time one of your bookmarks is shared then some credits are deducted from your total.  You earn more credits by sharing other people sites again – how many credits (and thus how many links you get) is dependent on which plan you subscribe to.

Having used lots of different internet marketing tools, I can’t stress enough what a class act this is.   The interface is simple and easy to use, all functions take a matter of seconds – you can create literally thousands of backlinks to your sites with virtually no effort.    A latest and vital introduction to the system is it’s ability to support spin syntax.   This basically allows you to vary the text and keyword tags that are assigned to each boookmark making your links back more unique and natural looking.

It’s a truly powerful internet marketing tool, and one of the few that delivers a real punch with virtually no effort.  Any serious internet marketer needs to have a look at this system, try out the free account level you’ll get a chance to see how the interface works and earn some simple back links for nothing – Social Adr

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