Abstinence or Reduction – The Alcohol Debate

If you take any substance which is both potentially bad for you and also addictive like alcohol then there always seems to be one ‘cure’ for those who have difficulties with it. The modern world brings increasing levels of stress to our everyday lives and alcohol and drugs are one way that people deal with it.

It’s easy to see how the stress levels have increased in our world. Last week I was talking to a group of friends who had recently moved to London to try and improve their careers. It was a smart move in that respect but their lifestyle changes shocked me somewhat. All of them were now faced with very long commutes and huge accommodation bills or mortgages, their expenses were substantial.

This is one of the problems with pursuing the material gains and careers, the pressure and costs rise every step you take up that ladder. Most of these people now earn more than me but ironically have less holidays and a much lower disposable income. It’s hardly surprising that they all to a man (or woman) seem to let their hair down a lot at the weekends with regards recreational drugs and alcohol. These substances have always been linked to stress so it’d often difficult to simply cut them out of your life without substantial changes to your lifestyle too.

The traditional method for dealing with alcoholism is of course complete abstinence practiced by Alcoholics Anonymous. This method is usually recommended by doctors and physicians the world over and has been for decades. Sure there are certain techniques and drugs which are prescribed to facilitate this but the end result is the same. The final destination is complete and total abstinence from alcohol for the rest of their lives.

Not surprisingly this has a dubious success rate for people from all walks of life. Certainly it does work for some people but for many it simply represents weeks, months and years of struggle with little genuine benefit. What’s more many people actually end up worse than before as the ‘only solution’ seems beyond them – they simply give up trying.

There are now other alternatives to the traditional abstinence method which suggests limiting and controlling alcohol or drug intake. That is not to say that abstinence isn’t encouraged too, but it’s not the primary goal. One of these methods is something called the Sinclair Method , an innovative approach to dealing with addiction backed by a specific drug.

The drug is something called Nalmefene which is also marketed under a number of other names such as Selincro. The idea of this remarkable drug is to reduce the pleasure of drinking by minimizing the release of endorphins which are produced when drinking. The idea is that instead of alcoholics carrying on drinking more and more to continue the pleasurable ‘high’ they get when drinking – this is blocked. All they are left with is the taste and of course possibly a habit of drinking established over many years.

This habit though is much easier to combat when the endorphin rush is reduced and people can look quite clearly at the pleasure that drinking gives them. Most people taking this drug find their drinking will plummet almost immediately with little additional effort. If the method prescribed by David Sinclair is followed there are reports of 70% and more success rate something substantiated by clinical trials. This figure is way ahead of any cold turkey/total abstention method including that of AA.

It’s surprising we don’t hear more of this potential cure, as it has been around and proven for several decades now. Sometimes we get locked into a certain frame of thinking and it’s difficult to look for other options. The Sinclair Method doesn’t stop anyone drinking but merely gives them the tools and encouragement to walk down that route, many simply cut down and drink sensibly for the rest of their lives.

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Dumb Cyber Criminals and Thugs

One of the big problems with the internet is that people seem to think they can get away with anything.   This perception of anonymity causes problems in all sorts of areas and it seems to be getting worse.  In the UK this week a group of politicians were all threatened with violence online because they voted a certain way in Parliament.    People seem to think that it’s ok to throw threats around online,  their perception I presume is that they’re anonymous and so can say what they want without consequence.   I presume it’s the same with the many youngsters who think they can try and hack into the Pentagon or try and steal files from the FBI file repository.

It’s not true!  As these people always find out, just because you’re sitting in a back bedroom of a semi-detached in Brixton does not make you difficult to find.  In fact if you want to increase your level of anonymity by thousand simply go and find a local coffee shop and login from there.   The reality is that internet and email forensics can locate most people very easily unless they take advanced precautions.  What’s more you have to constantly cover your tracks because clues can be used to locate someone many months or years after an incident takes place.  The internet exists on a huge network of shared hardware of which no-one has direct control.  There are logs and traces stored on loads of these devices, leading back to your exact location or identity.

Of course, this is why it can be tricky deciding on what’s best.  After all we all deserve a certain level of privacy when we’re online but this is so often abused.  Why should any society tolerate death threats and other digital bullying?  For most people this is of course not a real issue, we can have the best of both worlds.  First of all there are a range of security products which are available relatively cheaply which can give you some anonymity.  Take this post for example which illustrates an online IP changer that not only encrypts your internet connection but switches your IP address every few minutes.  All the servers which you connect to have no logging enabled so pretty much all your internet activity is completely anonymous.

Can you be traced using this method?  Well it’s very difficult just based on this information however for those involved in illicit hacking or threatening behaviour online it’s much harder.  For example you’ll leave all sorts of traces if you use email or messaging systems, any of these will have meta data which could lead back to your directly.  Certainly your communication can’t be intercepted if it’s encrypted using a VPN  but email and messaging accounts can be broken into either legally or via backdoor methods.   Nothing is totally secure, and there’s often ways to circumvent even the stiffest security.  Do you remember a few months ago, about the CIA trying to break into an iPhone of a suspected criminal.  The legal threats and recriminations, and yet over the last few weeks there’s several published ways to bypass the iPhone security – these all work for instance.

The balance though is fairly straightforward.  If you’re concerned about privacy and are not doing anything illegal online then a VPN service will protect you from intrusion.    If you are engaged in cyber crime, illicit hacking or cyber bullying then you need to be very careful indeed a BBC VPN in itself will not be enough.



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Do Marketers Need Residential IPs

It’s one of the hot new topics in the elite marketing circles, do we need residential addresses to operate in different markets.   Just to explain some background for many years most successful marketers have used either a proxy or VPN service in order to operate across different markets and identities.  The idea was that you switch your IP address in order to bypass the various region blocks and the restrictions on multiple accounts and connections.    Unless you operated on a fairly limited scale it was pretty much essential, otherwise you could only use limited advertising and single Google and Facebook accounts.

Residential IP

There were two main goals of switching IP addresses,  bypassing region locks and being able to access multiple accounts for SEO and advertising purposes.  It pretty much worked however times are now changing and the differentials of IP addresses are becoming more important.  An IP address is no longer enough, now the classification of the address is also a factor.    This is an aspect that not many people know – addresses have a two distinct classes – residential or commercial.  The residential ones are distributed by ISPs directly to home customers, whereas commercial addresses are usually assigned to corporate customers including the datacentres.

It didn’t really matter before, there was no real distinction made by the websites or web services.   Now it’s changing, increasingly the classification of the address is important.   Commercial services like craigslist and other advertising sites are restricting access based on these classifications.    For example many companies want to attract customers and so are increasingly blocking access from commercial addresses. Earlier this year the media giant Netflix decided to stop trying to individually block VPN services instead deciding to block en-masse the commercial addresses used by VPN providers.   It was incredibly effective and virtually over night most of these services stopped working.

The only current solution to redirect to a different version of Netflix is to use a VPN with residential IP address ranges.  It works for the media sites but is increasingly becoming a necessity for the internet marketer too.   Take for example the advertiser Craigslist, they will not allow a commercial UK registered IP address post adverts on their US sites and vice versa.  For many marketers this is an important source of leads and sales so obviously a solution is needed.  This means you really do need not only access to a bank of residential IP addresses but spread across the different locations of markets that you target.

The problem is that these are expensive,  for the simple reason that it is difficult to obtain these addresses in any volume.  They are normally only assigned directly to ISP who in turn assign them to their domestic customers, whilst companies are allocated commercial tagged addresses.   There are companies who are providing these services although  they can be difficult to find and expensive.  Remember though you should only invest in residential IP services if you are certain you need them, for example you don’t need them to just to watch the BBC World news online streaming like this, unless of course the BBC has started blocking commercial addresses too by the time you read this.

The reality is that it is becoming increasingly likely that marketers will need these residential IP address services in order to stat competitive.  They will cost more but the successful businessmen will leverage the cost to make more money particularly if the market becomes slightly less crowded due to these restrictions.


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Can I Watch BBC News Streaming Abroad ?

Many years ago it was very difficult to keep up with the news when you were travelling or on holiday.  I remember vividly being so desperate to find out what was going on in the UK one year that I spent about £8 for a newspaper that was 4 days late and worth less than a tenth of that, worst still it was the Daily Mirror.

BBC News Streaming Abroad

Nowadays of course we don’t have these problems, the internet has pretty much changed all this.  Unless you’re travelling seriously off the beaten track you’ll never be far from a Wi-fi connection so all you need is a tablet, phone or laptop and you’ll be completely connected.  It’s the same with running a digital business, there’s really no desperate requirement to be based anywhere – invest in decent laptop and you can work from anywhere you like.

Here’s How – BBC News Streaming Abroad

There are still some caveats and the growing trend of region locking is one of them.  This is the practice where a web site will restrict access based on your location – this practice is extremely common and growing all the time unfortunately.   It is why if you connect to the BBC website from the UK you will be able to watch virtually all TV shows live and older programmes through the BBC iPlayer. If you connect from another country then you’ll not be able to see any of this content at all.   There is a method however that you can watch BBC News live online from anywhere – just watch this video.

Here we can see that you can actually bypass these various region blocks by hiding your location from the websites you visit. I consider this fair game after all I pay my not unsubstantial UK TV license so why should the website be unavailable to me just because I decide to have a few days in the sun on my holidays. There are a few cut down versions on the BBC international site but there’s no BBC News live video like on the UK based one.

The video above shows you how to use what’s called a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to hide your real location enabling you to access whatever site you wish. The program demonstrated also allows you to switch to other locations for example any website normally restricted to the US or Canada you just switch to another server in that location. Many people ask if it’s illegal however it’s certainly not after all a VPNs are used across the world to provide security and encrypted connections and if I wish to use the bonus of being able to watch BBC World News streaming then that’s entirely my affair.

The reality is that many millions use these methods to access BBC Live TV and other UK TV channels. In the example as long as you use a UK server you can watch any UK only service irrespective or where you’re located. I primarily use it for the BBC One Live stream outside UK, but also watch Sky News live as well. remember though you’ll still need subscriptions for those sort of sites.

For radio lovers it also opens up the full selection of BBC News live radio stations including all the local stations like BBC Wales, BBC North West and so on.  These are great for keeping up with local news from your area and they also usually have great local football coverage too.  So if you’re missing your local team, try the BBC local radio stations they cover hundreds of matches live every season.

The only consequences are potentially if you use these services to access content on sites like Netflix who clearly state in their terms of services that you should use proxies or VPNs. However millions of people do despite Netflix being one of the most aggressive in blocking the use of IP switching programs – I’ll post again about this.

There are quite a few different VPN services available which can be used in this way.  However many have been blocked by the BBC who try to dissuade people from accessing BBC live stream from outside the UK.   Our recommendation is Identity Cloaker one of the first commercially available VPN services which has been used by thousands to access all the BBC online content including the BBC News world.

Click Here for 15% Off Identity Cloaker using this code


(works on all accounts apart from trial)

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UK Business – Use a British Proxy

The internet has made the world a global sales place but there are still barriers in place. They are generally put there to maximise profits or protect rather old fashioned licensing agreements but they still can be effective. For example the internet is full of brilliant localised advertising sites which are extremely useful for any global sales person. Unfortunately many of these are geo restricted which means that you can only use them if you are actually physically located in that specific area. Imagine this, you’re a global sales person trying to sell your product all over the world but you can’t place an advert on a site because you happen to be in an airport in another country.

WTF – is the global economy supposed to be this restrictive? Well, unfortunately it looks like it is, at least to those who want to follow these very restrictive practices which are being deployed by many large media and advertising sites. There is a solution, and it’s fairly simple if you want to access a market where you’re not based then simply use a proxy or VPN server. So if you want to advertise in London on a UK only advertising web site then simply use a British proxy

To be honest it’s incredible that these measure are necessary, after all the internet is supposed to be open and without restrictions but it’s not the case at the moment. To be able to operate effectively in any country you need to route your connection through that country – that is you need an IP address based in that country. The video above demonstrates how you can effectively use a proxy server to bypass these restrictions.

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The Death of SEO Automation

It’s what Google wanted and they’ve pretty much obtained it, at least in my experience. The huge number of automation tools seem to be fairly worthless now, sure you’ll often get a bit of a spike from a SeNuke blast or a few thousand social bookmarks but it doesn’t seem to last and the effects can end up being negative in the long run. That wonderful feeling when your traffic falls off a cliff is the likely end result.

Many of these tools come at quite a significant cost, they’ve also been invested very heavily in – so don’t expect the disciples and affiliates to stop promoting them yet. You’ll still hear tales of great success and wonderful wealth but please take all this with a pinch of salt. One simple test is to start looking at your competitors to see what’s effective.

Let’s Use Market Samurai to have a look at a niche I used to do very well in – casinos and roulette.
Here’s the analysis of the top ten for a competitive term in that niche – one that I know makes serious money (click to enlarge if you want to see the data more clearly).

Now I’ve censored the results a bit as I don’t want to start naming web sites but trust me this is a competitive keyword.  But just look at the top spot for this keyword it’s topped by a new domain (DA – domain age) with just a couple of hundred links (the BLP figure – back links to page) from about a hundred different domains  (the RDD – referring domains).

This simply wouldn’t have happened twelve months ago – you needed a serious number of links to stand a hope of getting on that page.  What this site has done is go for quality, it’s still very definitely targeted this spot but using the new SEO rules rather than the old one.  There simply aren’t thousands of links from web directories or article sites, but just a few links from powerful sites – a DMOZ link, some EDU links and a few related niche links.  No Link wheels, no blog comments, no ten thousand gibberish Wiki links either.

Automation tools simply weren’t used to push this site to a serious money spinning position in a difficult niche.  Have a look at your own niche, look for new sites that have just reached high positions – see what they are doing.  Let’s look a little closer at some of the anchors that have been chosen to link to this site –

Analysis of Anchor Text

You can check out your competitors links and anchor text using the new analysis function in Market Samurai, it’s incredibly useful.  A majority of the anchors are the site name, lots of blanks ones and mixed up text – very few specifically targeted although in my experience this site should probably diversify these even more.  But the point is that in the old World of SEO – pre-Panda and Penguin, you would have needed tens of thousands of exact anchor text links to succeed in this niche – this site doesn’t have these.

You are still going to need links to rank, try and create great content on a new website and see how far it gets you without doing anything else.  The key is that it’s quality not content that counts now, the automation tools never delivered this and I fear their time is gone.




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We All Make Mistakes

Business is not for everybody because it takes a lot of work and you have to weather the mistakes you inflict on yourself.  You’ll find that some mistakes are totally unforgiving and your business can go belly-up overnight. Knowledge and wisdom come with experience, and then that is when you will take more risks, perhaps.   Nevertheless, all online businesses will make an occasional mistake.  Questionable marketing strategies that are outside the terms of service have been with us for many years.

The short story about this is you will never have the kind of business that you could if you use those methods. It is true that some people are habitual offenders with this practice and that is their personal decision. But marketers using those methods are used to starting all over when everything comes crashing down.  There is no consistent future when you use blackhat methods because eventually you will be found.  Right away, create a schedule to work your business and this is all about time management. The only other area that is more or less equally important is your money, but you will need to squeeze the most out of your available time. You want to make money and have a better life, then act like it and do the work or not. Have a list of things you need to get done, and then start at the top and work on them.   If you have no or little traffic, then you know what you need to be doing.

When you’re new to IM, be very careful about reading sales letters for the some resource or tool. Many of these tools are educational products and others are software products. You really have to show some discipline so you don’t bust your budget because of them.

When it comes to forming healthy business habits, respecting your budget in the face of everything is extremely important. How you respond to events like this will give you an idea about yourself, and it will be good feedback. Your mind will play more of part with marketing mistakes, and you should read and improve your mental outlook. How you approach your mindset and possibly improving it is another commitment you should make. Not everybody feels they can change things like their mindset, so you must be different from them.

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Time to Vary that Anchor Text

Now if you follow the latest in SEO tactics, you’re probably aware about the advice on anchor text. For the last couple of years the general concensus has been to keep exactly the same anchor text (the keywords you’re trying to rank for) from as many inbound links as you can.

A few people (me included) have always been rather unhappy about this – it simply screams out that the page is being optimised for SEO purposes. Although not quite as obvious as the once effective keyword stuffing, it is lets say not exactly hard to spot.
An algorithm as complex as the search engines would have little difficulty in discounting pages with an obvious manipulated pattern of anchor text links. Unfortunately despite misgivings the problem is that maintaining this rather spammy consistency has until now seemed to work – but I think it’s changing.

Since the caffeine update all my web pages with such an artificial link profile have suffered in the SERPs. I have also noticed when analysing the competition for keywords I would like to rank for that websites with exact matches of thousands of keyword anchors are becoming rare. In fact I’m increasingly seeing websites ranking for very difficult keywords with NO matching Anchor Text Links – imagine that !!!

It was bound to happen of course, by having a ranking system that is heavily determined by a factor such as the number of links with matching anchor text – your bound to get crappier search engine results. Why focus on the content when you can just build links instead.

But folks believe me it is changing, now is the time to start varying that anchor text big time, but see it is an opportunity to rank for other relevant terms rather than a big penalty. It was bound to happen, SEO is almost inevitably going to become a more subtle art form as it develops. Clicking a button to send thousands of Xrummer links to your new web site to get in ranked highly was of course convenient but it was never going to last !

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Some Tips to Help with Your Online Marketing

There are a lot of prosperous online marketers that are selling their products online and making loads of cash. If you want to make this kind of money too, then the following tips may help you on your journey to success.

When you are an internet marketer, you must discover new methods for driving sales and increasing your conversion ratio. So, driving traffic is not your only concern, you also have to know how to get your traffic to buy product. Although you can go about this in many different ways, the increased popularity of video marketing has allowed it to be a method that is wonderful for promoting to prospective customers. Videos are starting to become a powerful force on the internet and many people, including online marketers, are starting to take note and recognize their real worth. Although it is now considered to be the norm, online marketers use videos to drive traffic to their personal sites and blogs. But you can go a step ahead and use videos on your sales page to talk about the product you’re selling. As a video marketer, you can either use your video as your sales presentation or you can use it in addition to your regular sales copy. The reason that videos are so popular is because they are more interactive and visual than regular print copy. When you have a video on your blog that can describe the benefits of what you are selling, it is much easier to pique that customer’s interest. This is because while they are viewing your video, they are using their emotions and senses , which makes the experience more realistic. There are many times in which people would prefer to view videos instead of reading hyped up sales letters. Also, if your video is really interesting, many of your prospective customers will watch it through its entirety. A lot of great online marketers utilize video marketing to get wonderful results, why aren’t you doing the same thing?

As a rule, Internet Marketing is a field that is always growing and changing. New marketing techniques and strategies come out every day.

This is why you need to keep up with the field and all of the updates that are released. One of the easiest way to keep track of this industry is through RSS, newsletters, feeds blogs and social media. These are ways that you can stay current with new product launches as well as with the newer services that are being introduced. In short, you thirst for gathering new knowledge should go on so that you keep going from one level to another.

The traffic that you drive to your website/offers has to be targeted, this is the key to SEO marketing. Don’t believe the companies that promise to get you so much traffic for a certain amount of money. You want people to come to your website that are actually interested in your products and not those that are just surfing the web. In conclusion, Internet marketing can prove to be your savior when you’re trying to escape from your 9 to 5 rat race. So , don’t be afraid and start it soon.

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A Brief Review of TweetAttacks – Internet Marketing Tool

Do you utilize Twitter? What is it that you do with your Twitter? Do you have one so that you can keep up with buds? Do you use it for amusement? Have you ever thought about using Twitter to help you with your marketing efforts? More and more affiliate marketers and internet marketers are turning to Twitter as a promotional tool. Though some marketing gurus attain what they want to attain, typically there are just arguments over Twitter and how long it takes as a promotion tool. No one considered that making short Tweets and finding people to be your follower was so difficult. That was the reasoning behind making TweetAttacks: a way for affiliate and internet marketers to promote their goods and services on Twitter more easily.

Digging Deeper into TweetAttacks

You can use the Auto Retweeter function as a way to make it seem like you know all about the latest changes in your particular area of expertise. Auto Retweeter is something that’s offered with Tweet Attacks. It selects Tweets made with particular hash tags or key words and will retweet them for you. This gives the illusion that you are Tweeting in Twitter, though you don’t have to be close to a computer. It is the perfect implement for saving valuable time and for keeping up with the people who follow you. The TweetAttacks software comes with a useful tool called the auto follower mechanism. Auto following others is a great way to save time. Most of the time people aren’t reading tweets from other people they follow on Twitter. It is spent looking for new people to read. Finding people to follow and trying to get people’s attention can consume a lot of time. The fact that TweetAttacks finds people to follow who are interested in your products is a great saver of time. Having a lot of people you follow also makes it seem as though you are very active within the Twitter community, and, of course, you are.

TweetAttacks also offers users a tweet scraper. A tweet scraper composes your own tweets, thus saving you hours. The tweet scraper finds tweets from others that might be interesting within your field of study and puts them under your account. You’ll want to be careful, though. Some people dislike this and if you are discovered you could be banned from Twitter. The fact is that tweet scraping, while a time saver is a spammy thing to do. Tread carefully.

In order to make things flow a little smoother for you, TweetAttacks was made. Many people want to be able to use Twitter as a powerful internet tool, but they just don’t have the time that it takes to commit to promoting their products and services. TweetAttacks wants to create a solution for this dilemma. Instead of fiddling with your Twitter account, TweetAttacks will allow you to promote your goods and services extensively especially combined with standard IM tactics such as SEO target marketing.

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