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Why you Need Extra IP Addresses

Let’s face it, internet marketers spend a lot of time online and sometimes we need a few more identities than other people. We have web sites, we have blogs, we have Youtube and Instagram channels – we spread ourselves out across the web because we want to reach more people. We need more ‘likes’ and ‘links’ and those extra little social boosts make the difference to us paying our mortgages or not.

The simple fact is that for most people this is not that important, if no-one likes their Facebook post – big deal. If that last blog post about their experience on the Tube or in the supermarket vanishes without trace – well big deal, their lost. For people who make their living online though it represents an important failure in their business or employment. What’s more you may very well need one to unblock US Netflix !

If you have a YouTube channel, loved by millions then maybe you don’t need this subterfuge. However most of us don’t and it’s very useful to start the ball rolling with a little mild self promotion to get your latest work out heir into the internet ether. It’s not hurting anyone, if your other account shares your story on Facebook, if it likes a few comments on Youtube or just adds it to a few social bookmarking sites under different accounts.

However to do this, you need to keep these identities separate and that means not posting everything using the same, exact IP address. Of course, you can pop down to Starbucks and tour the local coffee shops to use their Wifi (and IP addresses) however this can get pretty time consuming and expensive. So which is why people use proxies, VPNs and online IP changers to alter their addresses and stop getting blocked and banned by overusing their normal ISP assigned address.

It’s simply a fact of life for those who make their living online, we need more IP addresses simply to do our jobs properly. This is also in addition to all the tools and analytic devices we need to use, again most of them limited if you use a single IP address. For example Google will only you perform so many searches per minute which many SEO tools go way over.

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The Need for Encryption and VPNs

There is a single, simple description of encryption and that is the ability to keep secrets. If that all sounds a bit sinister, it’s not meant to be because secrecy also equates to privacy which is vital in our digital age. Much of our lives has moved online and unfortunately the enabler for this is the internet which is about as secure as my wallet sticking out of my back pocket in Barcelona (note – not very).

The internet is not secure far from it, the underlying protocol (HTTP) has no security whatsoever and your data is relayed through a huge network of other peoples routers and servers. With some application it is a trivial task to intercept this data which is mostly in clear text.

So any security additions to this situation should be encouraged and there very few of them around. One of them is to use a virtual private network (VPN) which establishes a secure tunnel for transmitting your data down. The VPN is also encrypted so even if you are sitting in a small cafe, using their badly configured Wifi – you have some level of protection. In the corporate world this usually obligatory, most company laptops have VPN clients installed automatically to allow their employees to transmit data with and element of privacy.

Unfortunately the world’s biggest web sites don’t like you accessing their sites using VPNs for a variety of reason. Takes for example this situation where any VPN user will receive a Netflix proxy warning if they try and access the site.

Why do they do this? Well the biggest reason is that they cannot determine the location of a VPN user accurately. Netflix need to do this to ensure that subscribers don’t pick and choose which locale they want to watch, they want to enforce their control. So anyone in the UK would have to watch the UK version, French people would have to watch the French version and so on. This does cause some annoyance as the US version is the same price and has many times the content of most of the other versions of Netflix.

However their method has been to block any access from a VPN server based on a commercial IP address (which all are). This meant that effectively anyone using a VPN for whatever reason can’t watch Netflix while it is enabled. It’s a huge blow for people like me who use their VPN enabled all the time, simply to stay secure. Of course you can disable and then re-enable but in practice that’s not as simple to do.

Already we have seen one or two of the VPN services companies adapt however by using various redirection methods – How to Bypass the Netflix Block , however this involves using residential based IP addresses which are difficult to obtain and quite expensive. The reality is that many users will simply stop using VPN services for security particularly if more companies adopt this tactic. Remember even a normal user using a domestic VPN with no thoughts of using a different region will be blocked simply because they are using a VPN.

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Some of the Best Films on Netflix

Should you recently saw Gone Girl, you ought to return and see a few of the most effective films created by director, David Fincher. I understand, I am aware of, this really isn’t a film. Unlike Spotlight, it is a good film. There’s a very long history of films about films, and this also is among my favourites.

Netflix will often land three or four significant movie titles annually, but the remainder of their movie selection will be plenty of filler, also it’s difficult to wade through it to get the best gems. The total list of Amazon’s unique TV series can be found on Wikipedia here. It’s much easier than browsing Netflix. Here are just a couple things to think about while browsing for much more French movies on Netflix.

Netflix is a company that supplies streaming movie assistance, together with a mail order DVD rental support. Netflix’s monthly fee features flexibility to join, halt the service, and re-join if it’s desired. Although it’s latest crackdown on blocking VPN services has not proved popular.

Being surprised by means of a movie is among the exceptional joys that cinema can offer, a feeling that’s nearly not possible to replicate elsewhere. Donnie Yen is among those few martial artists that performs real-world action within the movies. This film isn’t like that one, but nevertheless it’s still an excellent offering within that sort of genre. In summary, it’s the ideal film for any person who’s ever felt, within the parlance of Frances herself, undateable.

Both of These titans of wit and writing proved essentially archetypes for their various political ideologies. Even his very best work nowadays is in the specific form of huge tentpole films.

You will also have the capacity to seek out episodes you would like to watch and make your own playlists. Specially when a number of the movies aren’t obtainable in the Watch Instantly option.We have chosen here a number of the best movies you may watch on netflix at the moment. In case your playlist is great enough, it may even wind up getting shared with the remainder of the app’s users.

A different way to make a decision as to what to watch relies on the number of different users watch an episode. It’s just that, there are a lot of movies but there’s so little time. Then, each time you will need to watch an extra movie, check back this page.

There’s a war happening between Vampires and Lycans. This movie is actually a live example of his own hard-fist actions. Killing it’ll end the war forever. A complete precursor to the great Civil War raging in cinemas at this time.

Each graph of every episode will appear slightly different. It’s an easy means to be certain to check out all of the fan favorites and never having to try too hard. Additionally, There are steaming channels, character biographies and much more on the manner. The ideal part about isn’t any particular plot point or possibly a random conversation.

When you accept there isn’t anything interesting about DiCaprio’s money-worshipping protagonist, the movie is some thing of the riot. A boring movie may be a true bummer and allow you to waste a whole evening. Selene is among those from vampire side. On the opposite day your mood differs and you again begin searching another movie.

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How to Succeed with Flippa flipping

Finding success at Flippa with selling your sites is much more involved than merely making it available. It is pretty simple, actually, because it you take the time to find out what works, then it stands to reason you will make out all right. If you want to make the most of your time, effort and money, then you will do what is necessary. There are strategies you can put to work that will make you a more powerful seller, do you know them? The following article talks about the ins and outs of getting the most out of Flippa as a seller.

The description that you have of your website on Flippa needs to be hype free and genuine. Ensuring that your description is simple and honest will get more attention for your website than a lot of overblown hype. The buyers on Flippa are smart and they will smell if something’s fishy. Do not have the usually sale pitchy technique. This does not appeal to them.

Rather, make it a point to only give the buyers the honest descriptions that they need. Share the proper information about your website and the niche that it belongs to. This is so that you indirectly answer the doubts that your potential bidders may have, without them having to contact you.

Make sure that your buy it now prices are within reason. These prices are available for a quick sale and are there to entice your buyers into wanting to purchase your site. If you have priced your own website too highly, it will have the opposite effect of what you want to accomplish. Instead, be certain that your buy it now price is not too expensive. This is so that your buyers can choose to get your site and not have to worry about the auction schedule.

Simply put, do not make it hard for your buyers to buy your website.

Whenever your site is put on Flippa, you cannot expect for things to start happening all by themselves. Although you will get plenty of exposure for your website without making extra effort, you really should let your friends and family know that you have a website listed. For instance, tell your Twitter fans about your website on Flippa. Send it out to your friends on Facebook. The most important thing is that you go far and beyond to promote your Flippa site and maximize whatever chances that you can. This is so that you will get a lot of responses to your listing.

You can benefit from using Flippa and make an effort to network and talk to people. Figure out what you want to do, and do not be afraid to need to take some time to achieve what you want. Don’t take my word, go ahead and put the above tips into action and you’ll see for yourself the kind of results you can get by taking calculated steps.

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How To Tackle The Problem of A Site with A Slow Load Time

When you make any site for a new online business, you have to get the design right plus all the things under the hood that make it perform well. When you can achieve that, then you will be contributing to the positive usability of that site. As you know from the title of this article, you have to pay attention to your load time. If it is too long, then you know from your own experiences that it is really annoying. Follow along with us as we discuss some proven methods that will help your browser loading times be less offensive.

We have seen great sites that have a third party ad delivery script in place, and we hate them become they truly slow down the loading time.

If you are showing a lot of ads with Flash in them, then that right there will slow everything down. The bottom line is that if your bounce rate is high, then just maybe test out fewer ads and see what happens. Flash banners and ads are just the worst, and so many became a bit blind to them many years ago.

The fact remains that Flash files take time to load as they are large in size, which also makes it difficult to optimize your site for the search engines. We believe a high percentage of people hate Flash as much as we do, so that is the general backdrop you will be facing if you are contemplating it. We often wonder if people always choose to not view the Flash intro ad that is on quite a few major websites in certain markets.

The final analysis always brings us back to asking what your market is and what do they want, or what are they willing to withstand from a site.

Even if you’ve gotten your site designed by a professional designer, it pays to know the basics of web design. If you ever have the desire to test changes to your design, then you will be able to save time and money by taking care of it on your own. Some people love to learn while others do not so much, so how much you want to do is up to you; but at least gain some familiarity. Do this: clear your cookies and visit your site, and that will give you a better idea of what a visitor will experience. Making your site as totally user friendly as you can will pay off for you, and there are more methods available that you can use to lower page loading times. People want instant solutions these days and if your site isn’t providing that kind of access to them then it’s going to lack big time.

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Simple Ways to Give Your Webpages a Professional Look

If you want to impress your website visitors with your professionalism, you have to start with quality web design. First time visitors to your site will notice the design before anything else, such as what you’re selling or any informative articles you may have. So let’s look at some simple ways you can design your website so that people who visit will be impressed rather than turned off.

Make Best Use of 404 Pages: People reach 404 pages when they type in something incorrectly in trying to find something on your site. Now, what does this have to do with effective web designing? The relevance is that when a prospect reaches your 404 page, he or she is likely to click away and never find your active pages. It’s not very difficult to create a custom 404 page that doesn’t just tell visitors that the page doesn’t exist, but gives them the option to land on your actual site. The number of visitors you can lose to a 404 page can add up over time, and many people who end up there don’t realize they made a mistake and will think your site is broken. Your customized 404 page can be straightforward, humorous or however you prefer, but make sure visitors can easily return to your website from there. It really is kind of hard to go wrong with a web design that is simple but gets the job done very well. The opposite is very unattractive to many people, and it can make people frustrated trying to use it. You have to ensure that whatever you do, the design should be minimalistic in nature and there shouldn’t be anything unnecessary. There are no absolutes with this one because we have seen great sites that were not really simple. Even when you’re using ads, ensure that it doesn’t look crowded, because that would only work against you. You can surf around and find excellent examples of all kinds of sites, so you can get some ideas.

Avoid going overboard with your design prowess to the detriment of properly displaying your content. A site that makes heavy use of Flash animation always makes us think the designer, or the webmaster, is just trying to impress people. If you want to use Flash, then you have to think about the purpose of the site and who your audience is.

Then there is the issue of heavy files and page loading times that can be adversely affected by Flash. If you really do want to use flash on your homepage, then make sure you have a link to an individual HTML page where your content is listed out. This gives others the option to visit a non-flash page if they’re not in favor of it.

It all depends on your reason for wanting to learn website design, but the online marketer needs to know about these points. If you do not need to be completely knowledgeable, then stick to the points that impact usability, SEO, etc.

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Tips For Designing a Successful Mobile Website

The latest generation of smart phones give users the ability to do almost everything they can do on a computer. Web surfing on the phone has gone from being almost unheard of to commonplace as iPhone and other smart phone users come to rely on their phones for lots of daily tasks. People are becoming accustomed to being able to get online wherever they go now, which will only cause smart phones to get more popular. This brings us to the obvious question -how do we Internet marketers tap into this vast, high potential market? If you haven’t guessed by now, the way you can profit from this is by creating a mobile website. If you want to stay ahead of the crowd, then getting yourself a mobile website will give you the needed edge over the competition. Let’s find out what you need to keep in mind when designing your mobile site.

Keep it Minimal: Since mobile websites are going to be viewed on screens that are only a fraction of the size of computer screens, you have to keep this in mind when loading them with content. Keep your design and content minimal, and try to make a strong impact with less, and not more. Your target audience here are mobile users that want to quickly flip through pages and get the most out of them. The idea, then, is to get their attention with a small amount of well chosen content. If there’s too much content, it will be difficult for users to access all of it, and they’ll be likely to just pass it by. The Importance of Balance: If any of your pages has too much content, users may become frustrated if it takes too long to load. Bandwidth is always a concern with mobile websites, so you have to choose your content wisely on every page. When putting up any information on your website, you should try to strike a fine balance between the pages, so that all the info is spread around evenly without having any negative impact on your site’s performance or eating up the bandwidth.

Stay on Track: One thing you have to understand about mobile phone users is that they’re probably not going to spend a long time looking at your site. This is obvious because people tend to skip from one site to another fairly fast on mobiles. That’s why it’s important to be very focused with your content on a mobile site, and get straight to the point. Designing an effective mobile website design is all about balancing the various elements and getting them right. What we discussed in this article isn’t that difficult to apply, but it will definitely help you make your mobile site stand out of the crowd.

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Can XSite Pro 2 Web Software Help you Maintain Your Web Site Empire?

If you are an Internet marketer who has been looking for a fast site solution, X SitePro 2 was made just for you. There are lots of site creation software tools out there; how does X SitePro 2 stand out for real? The biggest reason is that it isn’t complicated; it is very easy to use. Another reason is that this site software was created just for Internet Marketers who are always wondering whether or not their sites are fit for the search engines and worrying about increasing their rates of conversion: this site helps with both those things. Yes it is targeted toward a niche market, but it has been tailor made for the needs and wants of that niche market.

Brief Review of XSite Pro2 Web Software

This review article will look into how X SitePro 2 helps internet marketers and stands out from its competition. Anyone using Dreamweaver would know how much time it first takes to create a webpage, especially if you’re just starting out and don’t have much technical knowledge? This is truly what caused Paul to decide to build this software so that online marketers didn’t need to have so many complications when creating their web pages.

SEO Analysis Tool: There are so many worthwhile features in X SitePro 2 but this particular feature stands out the most because it is incredibly effective. There are a lot of SEO companies out there that will charge you a lot of money to do what this program can do for you. It helps you analyze the factors of a web page so that you know what you need to change to improve your ranking. The information that you get will show you just what needs to be done to help you rank better in the search engines. This is the most important part of figuring how to to best the rest. This helps you rank high for the keywords that you have chosen to focus on.

Hundreds of High Quality Site Templates – Website templates always handy when it comes to designing a professional site, but searching them out or paying for them individually can come at a high price. When you purchase X SitePro 2, you’ll have hundreds of templates that come on the software. Furthermore, you’ll have an extra tool called the X Header, which makes it possible for you to instantly and simply create professional site headers. This matter-of-factly means you can fire your graphic designer and finish the job on your own with no more money out of pocket.

Simple Limitations of X SitePro 2 – So does X SitePro 2 have any shortcomings? Well, no software is perfect, which is why this tool does have a few limitations. First off, if you already know quite a bit about HTML coding, then you might think the code create by X SitePro 2 is a bit out of place. It does come with a “source tab” that allows you to edit the HTML, but it has some limits. This is how you’re rather limited when you’re utilizing automated web design software, but usually this won’t even be an issue. So if you really want to get the most out of it, you’ll have to look over a few shortcomings, because the overall value you derive from the software is great.

To conclude: X SitePro 2 is probably one of the best solutions for any Internet Marketer who wants to create basic SEO friendly websites that will help you sell more products and make more money.

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Which are the Must Have WordPress Plug-ins for Internet Marketers ?

If you have a wordpress blog and I’d be surprised if any serious Internet Marketer didn’t have at least one. Then you’ll slowly find out the essential tasks that must be done on these blogs, it can slowly become extremely time consuming.

It’s true that more and more internet marketers are starting to use the WordPress web publishing platform to create their websites. There’s no shortage of reasons to use WordPress in IM. There’s no charge to use it, and it’s a simple to customize and use. And there’s no need to be versed in things like CSS or HTML in order to make a great site. You can buy a nice theme, or template, but there are plenty of nice ones available for totally free. If there’s something specific you want to do, then you can do that with the help of plugins. There are so many plugins at your complete disposal that will help you with your online marketing. There are some plugins applicable and well-suited for IM, so let’s talk about some.

No IM marketer, or blog owner for that matter, should be without the FD Feedburner plugin. Feedburner is powerful, and this plugin will let translate your existing blog feed right into a Feedburner feed. Lots of people like RSS because site content is delivered to their desktop, and there’s no reason to go to the site. When you post new content to your site, your RSS feed will automatically update any subscribers, and they can check it out. People appreciate the convenience of RSS because it removes the need to go everywhere looking for updated content. Feedburner’s appeal is that it allow just about everybody to read feeds with it no matter what kind of reader is being used.

You probably can easily figure out what the Similar Posts plugin does. But what it actually does is put a link at the end of your posts to other posts on your site that are related. The goal behind this is to make your site sticky and compel visitors to remain there and read. This serves very well to maintain interest in your site. You never want to do something to destroy their natural curiosity.

Another excellent plugin lets your site subscribers get updates via text message, it’s called – oddly enough – SMS Text Message. Ok, first it uses an optin form that it places on your site. It’s easy to do this, visitors will simply optin with their cell phone number, and then it’s all set and they’ll get updates with text messages. This seems to be a novel way of keeping your subscribers aware of what’s going on. But we feel we have to warn you that this could take time to do because people may not be comfortable with opting-in with their phone numbers.

There’s so much that can be done with the WordPress CMS platform. Every day it is used by more and more internet marketers to manage the content of their various websites. A lot of people may think WordPress is only for non-commercial bloggers. But that’s just the wrong impression.

You can use this for any type of site and for any purpose. Also, you can configure it to do just about anything with all the plugins. For more useful tips and advice in the Internet marketing world please read the rest of my blog at
SEO target marketing

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Simple Website Design Tips That Can Really Produce Results

Web design is a unique skill whereby the latest techniques are used to create presentable websites people are able to access online. This skill uses text, images and other factors such as graphics in order to give a more professional look to the site. There are several reasons to focus on high quality web design in case you are creating a website. Just like most people surf from channel to channel while watching television, most people surfing the web tend to jump from site to site very quickly. This is the exact reason why it’s important to have a web design that grabs the visitor’s attention. A site that’s designed poorly may give your visitors the wrong impression and this could affect your brand image. To a large extent, the tips in this article will help you with your web design.

But before you start any of the design work, consider your market, thing of SEO Target marketing – write your text around keywords that you wish to market. It is never too early to consider the SEO concepts in a web site, if you don’t your work will be in vain.

To create an interesting website that attracts visitors to return often then you must make sure you provide quality content that they can use. The visual appeal of your site may work well to convince your visitors to stay and have a look around but to make sure people come back you need to have excellent content. This can be achieved simply by making sure you always add fresh content because people are always searching for new information online. Also, make the content interesting and not boring, as many times you see useful content but no one wants to read it. To make your content lively and avoid a stale tone you should write like you speak. Additionally, make sure your content is not too long and is easy to read because most people don’t have the patience to read through lots of information at one time. You must make a point of asking them for feedback on your site. In the long run, communicating with your visitors will be an advantage.

There are very many people who have a hard time appreciating heavy flash use. Generally speaking, a website that is built with flash takes a longer time to open, since it has to load. Fact: search engine spiders cannot read flash – end of story, no SEO, no rankings. You’re taking a lot of risk with flash because people are really a bit impatient anymore, and they won’t want to wait. True, there was a time when Flash was cool to use, until people grew to hate it. Even though they can be impressive and fancy, they can get irritating at times. If your only goal is to look cool and impress (and not make money), then by all means, get flash. The bottom line with monetized sites that convert well is that they are not flash based.

Remember that you’ll always want to space out your content so that it doesn’t look like a bunch of unreadable text in one location. Make sure you try to keep your content in small chunks that are completely readable and also to use lots of white space between the text you use. People read differently on the internet as they do when they’re reading offline. Readers must be able to can your content.

We know you want to succeed and do well, so what you need to do is make sure your site has all the elements that are meaningful to your target audience.

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