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Why Can’t I Rank For Those Keywords

I don’t consider myself an expert in anything, it’s a term that is devalued by the host of self proclaimed experts we meet every day. However in SEO I have some knowledge having lived and breathed it for the last four years.  The one thing I’m learning is that you have to be flexible, what worked last month is useless if it doesn’t work now.  You can ask yourself why can’t I rank for those keywords – but if you’re using outdated SEO tactics then you already have the answer.

It is difficult, some techniques that worked very well a few months ago are now at best useless – so the best information is up to date. But my latest keyword ranking attempt is working very well – here’s a summary.

I’m not going to give you exact details as I don’t need the competition but the information I hope is useful.   I have a blog which I have developed over the last few years, original quality posts, all 700 words long, licensed graphics, great links and some serious traffic.   It makes quite a lot of cash and is up there as an authority in it’s field.  Generally in a related post it will rank pretty well with minimal effort.  Obviously this encouraged me to look for keywords with lots of traffic I could rank for.

After spotting a nice two word phrase that seemed easy to achieve I wrote a post and started promoting heavily, a few weeks later I’d scraped up in to page 2 but was getting a lot of traffic.  Enter the Panda Google algorithm change and my site was hit bad – content wise it was top notch but it suffered from the legacy of several years of SEO promotion.  Anyway this keyword phrase was lost to me after the update.

On looking at a couple of failing sites I noticed that many of the top spots were taken by hopeless sites with EMDs – that is the keyword in question existed in the domain.  Exact Match Domains as of July 2011 are working very, very well. I bought a related EMD – it wasn’t a great one but it worked – basically the{keyword}.com – just added ‘the’ to the domain name.   A few posts and a small backlinking campaign later and my cheap EMD domain was outranking my authority site and bringing in loads of traffic.

If you have identified a keyword combination you like and can make money on I urge you to check out available domains.  If you hit lucky they can accelerate passed established sites with ease.  It is said they are next on the Google hit list so buy, promote and exploit while you can!

For tough keywords, search for domains on www.dropday.com – you can get a free trial initially for 10 days.  Look for ones with Google Page rank, lots of visitors and DMZ membership if possible.  Don’t discount the others though.  At the moment EMD looks like a great solution to the problem of why I can’t rank for those keywords.  Who know’s how long it will last.  I’m fully expecting my cheap Exact Match Domain to die any day soon but at the moment it is gaining more and more traffic!


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