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SEO – A Great New Career

I was speaking to a friend of mine last week, he’d had some bad luck and was looking for work.   He was interested in the fact that I always seemed to have plenty of money and what was I doing – then I dropped the phrase of SEO in the conversation.  To those of us who make our living online it’s a very obvious phrase, Search Engine Optimisation is a skill that lies at the heart of almost all internet marketers success. The simple reason is that it offers the chance to bring specific visitors, seeking specific information to our websites.  SEO is at the core of bringing me customers  to my websites which ultimately earn me money.

But it got me thinking, SEO isn’t difficult – as you can see by the many Internet marketers making thousands online – you don’t really need to be that clever to get behind what works and what doesn’t.  In fact I often suspect you can be too clever in SEO,  by over analysing and not concentrating on the basics.  I don’t think I can think of another skill that you can sit down and learn in a few weeks that can potentially become anything from a few extra bucks in your purse or wallet to a multi million pound business  very quickly.

But honestly SEO does have that potential, certainly few reach the million pound level ( I haven’t yet) and indeed many give up, but millions make their living online now.   When you consider the investment in time compared to getting a college degree, then the rewards are quite impressive.  So if you land up on this page, if your fed up with  your job or worse have just lost it – then start studying SEO it could be the best move you ever make.   Don’t buy products, course  or software at the beginning though – just use a search engine and read – everything you need is already online – if you learn the concepts properly you’ll think of ways to implement them yourself.

SEO could be the key to a great new life, career or perhaps just a hobby – I can guarantee it has the potential to be life changing though, because it has changed mine.

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Online Marketing – Why So Many People Fail

It’s a real hazard to success when the newer internet marketer creates a start-up business without taking any time to actually learn what to do. However the honeymoon is a short one when the reality of online marketing sets-in and mistakes start to happen. This article will talk about such mistakes so that you know when you’re making them.

The number one mistake that people make when they enter into Internet marketing is they have a very short sighted vision. Sometimes the IM world can be highly variable and dynamic, so a longterm business plan can help you with those times. It’s just that IM history has proven that a business can fall apart literally overnight due to policy changes, etc. So if you fail to prepare by diversifying, then you’re really playing with fire.

You also have to be very careful if your approach is to make cash as quickly as possible. Honestly, sometimes it happens, but just as many times it fails and it’s never sustainable. But the fast cash methods are never, ever long-term business models because they tend to be trendy, or they work from some loophole that exists that always will be closed. Long-term growth incorporates proven marketing methods such as SEO and email marketing, etc. That might not seem very enjoyable at first but later on you will realize that you’re way ahead of many other Internet marketers.

The second mistake that Internet marketers make is they don’t think out of the box when marketing products online. It’s extremely important to stand out of the crowd if you want to be successful on the web. The simple reason for that thinking is the amount of competition on the net in any market. The majority of the Internet marketers who enter the business don’t really want to work on creating their own unique selling point.

You’d be surprised at the numbers who just copy what others do and nothing more. You need to get inspired by other marketers and make your own mark. Avoid what others do, and so just take the plunge and create and develop your own product line. Creating good products is really not hard, and it’s pretty easy to find tutorials on how to do it.

Don’t make the mistake of losing focus from your marketing efforts – you really have to be consistent. After all work, and your site is ready to go, then start hitting the marketing hard and never let up. It’s all too easy to start losing motivation if you don’t see the results you want in the time frame you want, or expected. People will give up too soon, and then they will dive right back into a different project. So it does not matter what your marketing model is, it’s critically important to be consistent with your efforts and focus on it. The best way to avoid these mistakes is to remain focused in every way. Don’t deviate from your goals or jump from one venture to another. Be consistent and fixed so that you can achieve your objective before actually going to the next level.

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Some of the Best Internet Marketing Suggestions for your Company

Online marketing can be both difficult and easy, it all depends on how much work you are willing to put in. You will find some useful ideas below that will help you take your campaigns to the next level.

As an Internet marketer you will have to deal with lots of content, both on your site and in your promotions. Your content can be text, audio, video or anything else that will prove useful to your prospect. It is important to remember that your articles, though, need to be highly informative and compelling because that is what will help you achieve better rankings in the search engines. The content you put on your website needs to be valuable to your prospects and it also needs to be different from anything else that is online. Search engines, nowadays, have become much smarter when it comes to ranking sites. Sites that offer excellent content and which are considered to be interesting by readers are more valuable. The content you put on your site shouldn’t be simply ripped off from another site, thought must go into every word that appears taking into account everything from keyword density to SEO copywriting.

Make it enticing, make it real and think about how much value it’s giving to your target audience. This approach will automatically lead to a greater profitability because you will be making more sales. Not only that, but besides the regular organic traffic you will receive from the search engines, you will also get visitors who return constantly checking for new content. If you wish to stand out from the crowd then you need to provide your readers with new content that provides useful and compelling information. Because many new internet marketers don’t pay this area the attention it deserves, it doesn’t take them long to fail. In this era, if you want to improve your internet marketing results you need to focus on Web 2.0 sites. Social media websites, like Facebook or Twitter, have become places with a lot of traffic due to their ever increasing popularity. Taking advantage of these sites will allow you to drive a lot of free but targeted traffic to your site. You can create an account on Twitter, for example, and gain followers in your niche which will let you send them tweets that promote your business as well as providing information. It has proven to be one of the simplest ways to communicate with existing customers and acquire new ones as well. Facebook can be used in a similar manner which is just as effective, namely to get people to sign up to the “Fan Page” you build for your product. This can have a snowball effect and you can expect to have your fans growing virally. There are lots of similar social media sites you can use, but if you want to be effective then you shouldn’t spam.

You should definitely try PPC marketing if you have the time and money to spend on the learning curve. You need to experiment with a variety of traffic generation techniques as an internet marketer and Pay per Click marketing is one of the most effective and reliable ways to generate targeted visitors. While PPC platforms like AdWords can send you traffic that is highly targeted in no more than 30 minutes, you still need to make sure you have the cash available and have done your homework before you start with it. Set your limits carefully and for a longer term strategy you should focus on SEO marketing and use PPC for quick and accurate testing results.

If you give it some time and don’t rush your internet marketing endeavor you may find that you become successful sooner than you hoped.

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Making Money with Domain Flipping – Anybody Can Do It

What exactly is domain flipping? With the act of domain flipping, you buy a domain name for a website and then sell it to someone else. The main goal of flipping domains is to make more money from the sale than you spent on your initial purchase. You’ll often find that flipping is very popular in all types of sales. For example, even moguls of real estate use flipping. The best part about flipping domain names is that it can be done as a side business. The more you put into it, the more you get out of it, like most business ventures go. Buying and selling domain names can cause you to profit in a few ways.

Beef up your negotiation skills. A major component of being in business is learning to negotiate. The truth is that buyers will often try to obtain a discount or ask for more products or services at the same price. Some flippers simply refuse to negotiate their terms. Even if this is a legitimate stance that is up to each individual, we still feel that you should learn better negotiation skills. Bargaining – or even simply agreeing to do so – with potential clients will increase your credibility and thus the likelihood of you making a sale. You might even be able to use your negotiation skills to negotiate your way into a larger sale! If you have more than one domain for sale, it would be wise to take a little time and set up a domain portfolio. Using a portfolio, it will be easier to professionally market all the domains you have for sale. With a portfolio you can supply as many potential customers with all you domain statistics as you want. This will help to position you as a legitimate seller with a professional reputation. You don’t need to have an extensive portfolio. It can be as simple as a list of the names you are selling and their appraisal values. Of course, selling your domains will prove easier if you offer more information.

Make certain that you price your domain appropriately. Selling a domain that has never hosted a website for a lot of money will be quite difficult. If your pricing is appropriate then you will still be able to make money from these domains. A domain that has not been previously utilized is unlikely to return hundreds of dollars in profits. Losing the sale is quite likely if your domains are priced too high. Of course, if you do not price the domains high enough you might not turn a profit for your work. Pay attention to how other types of domain names are priced and use that as a guideline when you are deciding how much you want to ask for the domain names you are putting up for sale.

The flipping of domain names is a perfectly legitimate business model. This type of business has made lots of money for many internet marketers. Of course not all domain name flipping businesses are the same. The amount of money you make in this business is in direct proportion to how much time you put into it.

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