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Pinterest and Automation – Is it an Internet Marketers Dream?

Good day fellow marketers, this post is the introduction to a series of posts about the next big thing in Social media marketing – Pinterest.  For many marketers it could turn out to be the killer social media site, for others just a very valuable promotional tool.  Over the next few weeks I hope to help you utilise this amazing site. It can be used to promote your blog, create a brand or just drive lots of traffic to your website. In any case it’s not something you can ignore as currently it’s the third most popular social network behind Twitter and Facebook.

At the moment the value of Pinterest to you, will really depend on the niches you target.  The site is huge and growing fast, but it’s current base is women – especially in the 25-44 year old demographic.  If you browse through the site you’ll notice that a large proportion of it looks to be similar to the pages of a womens magazine.

If you’re promoting any product that would appeal to women aged 25 to 45 then you’d be insane to miss out on this opportunity.  For the rest of us – simply the huge number of visitors and  the viral feel of Pinterest makes it difficult to avoid.

The explosion of this social media site has only just happened, it’s a fantastic time to get aboard.  I’ve been looking around and predictably there are lots of Pinterest spamming tools starting to appear.  I’d stay clear of most of these – the vast majority of Pinterest users are web savvy young to middle aged women, highly automated boards are going to fail miserably – even if your software has created 1000s of them!  There’s only one which looks to be a genuine time saver which is more of a Pinterest automation tool, if you use it sensibly it will be a very good investment – Pinterest Marketing Software.

It’s time for creativity and to put some genuine fun into marketing.  So to start off I would like you all to just sign up and embrace the concept – share some cool pictures – but don’t market your business yet!!!

  • Setting Up a Pinterest Account
  • Got to
  • Click on the “request an invite” button
  • Type in your email address and then hit the blue button
  • Just wait for your instructions

By the way if you have a friend who is already using Pinterest then ask them to invite you – it can be much quicker.  I’ll be adding some tips and tricks about the images that seem to be very effective on this site over the next week or two – so check back soon.


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Cynical Tactics to Exploit Social Media

These days social media is the latest craze online. This is not a simple fad, it's going to be around for a really long time. So when you aren't taking part in the social media revolution you're just letting success pass you by.


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Leverage the Social Media Sites to Your Advantage

If you are an internet marketer, you just knew the huge numbers of people at social media sites would be attractive. Of course any web business wants to get as much exposure as possible. Do not feel so bad if you are not quite sure what needs to be done with social media. What you will discover is these techniques stretch beyond the social sites. So, join us as we show you a few ins and outs of social media  and social bookmarking campaigns for your online business.
One trend in social media lately is to give away free iPads or iPhones. Many of these offers are from companies you don’t want to give your business to. If you can’t deliver something, then don’t offer it, period. Your target group will not respond nicely to you if this is how you conduct business. Good business practices will help you get the most out of using social media. Be honest with your target audience.
Your niche audience at any social site is not there to spend money, so then you avoid trying to get them to do that.
One thing that people always respond to is that which does not cost anything. On the other hand, you can take the approach of advertising and then sending people to your Facebook fan page. There is no need to get stressed about the process if you have never done this before. This is about marketing diversity, and that is always a smart thing to have in any business.
You will come in contact with many people, and that is part of the fun with social media. In other words, use something like humor to connect with your audience because other successful campaigns use humor to get a better response rate. So just do not be afraid to do this if you believe it can work given the topic of your niche. Keep your professional demeanor and focus on the reason for your campaign which is to make contact with people. But do remember that people are with you because of your content and what you have for them.
Utilizing  media and social bookmarking  is great for many, but you will only see success with the right steps to take. This isn’t too complicated, so don’t make it worse than it has to be. Marketing with social media is a vast amount of rules to live by, so start with these first. If you want to approach it the right way, these are the factors that you should keep in mind.
Social media will allow you to keep your brand and increase its success. If you don’t believe it, then just take a few of these steps and be surprised at what happens.

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Social Bookmarking in Plain English for SEO

If you’ve spent any amount of time researching ways to promote your website you have probably come across the term social bookmarking.   There’s no doubt it plays an important role and can indeed bring lots of targeted traffic to your site but how can the average webmaster harness the power.

First of all let’s clarify what exactly social bookmarking is and I’ll try and use some semblance of plain English to explain it.   The more you browse the web, the more sites you wish to revisit.  Of course your browser has the facility to store favorites or bookmark sites but most find this quickly becomes unmanageable.    There is also another problem these favorites are normally stored on your local computer – so log in some where else and you’ve lost them.  The answer was the social bookmarking sites, which are very basically websites which store and sort all your personal favorite sites.

Stumbleupon - Social Bookmarking Site

StumbleUpon - Leading Social bookmarking Site

Here’s one of the most popular called StumbleUpon and you can see just a brief snapshot of how it stores website, video, articles and anything that is stored on the web.

The idea is that you can access this bookmarking list wherever you are and from any computer it will always be accessible.  You can also sort and manage these bookmarks using categories and tags which can be used to group similar sites together.

But there’s another crucial word involved in these sites particularly from the SEO perspective and that’s ‘social‘. This refers to the fact that your sites can be seen, viewed and rated by other users.

Your bookmark is not only a reference to a favorite website of yours, it is also a recommendation to thousands of other users of that particular social bookmarking site.

This is a very powerful indicator of the quality of the site you are listing.  It is also an indicator to the search engines which is why social bookmarking is used for SEO is now an important part of site promotion.  Imagine the search engines are desperately looking for ways to discover whether a site is useful, popular or interesting to it’s readers.  A site that is popular in these social bookmarking sites is going to generally do well in the search rankings as well.

So what does a webmaster do to bring in this traffic and search engine love to their web site?   Obviously there’s limited advantage in going around creating your own bookmarking accounts and rating your own web pages.  For a start they’ll be identified as all coming from  the same person (based on a duplicate IP address) and you’ll likely get your account downgraded or closed.

What you need to do is to raise awareness of your wonderful website (it is wonderful isn’t it?), so you need other people to rate, rank and comment on your pages through their own bookmarking sites.  There are many ways of doing this, quite a few social bookmarking software can be bought, some groups have set up co-operatives who bookmark each others sites.  All of these can work but usually are so time consuming that they are not worth the effort, also if you leave a pattern behind then it can all be in vain.

So for SEO purposes, it is important that other people promote your web pages and also that any method is relatively automated and simple.   Now I’ve tried most of them the bookmarking software like bookmarking demon, socialbot (not good) and a few others.  The groups worked better because their was real people bookmarking your site but it ended up taking so long was not really scaleable.  There was only one that did the job with the absolute minimum of fuss and that’s a program called SocialAdr – it’s in a different league from anything out there.

If you buy one of the subscriptions it can create hundreds of links, plus Tweets on your websites automatically – just like clockwork week in week out.  The Free Version also works well but with a little more effort and is a good way of seeing how impressive the systems is.

Whether you have the budget or not – I urge you to try out the Free version of Social Ad – at worst it will create loads of social bookmarking links to your website with little effort.  If you like it – it could form the basis of your SEO efforts – it’s an incredible system.



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Social Networking Tips for Internet Marketers

Social networking has taken the world by storm. This is the first time we’ve ever seen an online communication implement that’s lasted this long and had so many followers. Not even the chat rooms that everyone used to hang out in stayed popular this long. This is probably due to the fact that social marketing networks are evolving at the same rate as the internet. This means that there are always new ways that you can use social networking to help you make money and grow your business. However, you can’t just attack social networking like you handle methods like direct seo marketing and you must learn the rules. Keep reading to learn how best to make money through social networking techniques.

You do not have to have a profile on every social network in existence. Lots of marketers get over zealous and join every single social network they come across. This thinking is moronic. Why, you might ask? Because it would be impossible to create lots of profiles only to have to go back and regularly update them. It’s always better to have a few profiles that you update regularly, than have a bunch that remain dead due to inactivity. A stagnant profile shows you do not care. If you’re without a profile, it’s not hard to make one so get started as soon as you can.

Update your profiles regularly. Make sure you communicate with those in your network regularly as well. When you update your profiles, you can let your contacts know what’s going on with your business, such as if you’re promoting something new. Successful internet marketers use most of their communications to convey free information their contacts will find useful. When you update regularly with this kind of information, the people in your contact list will begin seeing you as an authority over your niche. It shows that you really care and want to teach them about your subject. This will also entertain them. It shows that you are willing to put time into building your relationships.

Don’t just invite everyone you come across to join your emailing list on each profile you’ve created. This can get you looked at as a person who spams both on the network and via email. It’s true that your email contact list is an ideal place to find people to buy your products, especially when they’ve purchased your products in the past. And if there are people on your contact list that have already joined the network, that’s ok. But never just take your email and send it to all the people out there. This will cause people to see you in a negative light. Also, if you already possess their email address, you already have a way to contact them whenever you want to market new products. If you find that your contacts are already apart of the networks you join, they may feel that you’re sending way too many messages to them and this could cause them to never buy from you again. Social networking offers anyone a great opportunity to market any business effectively. By using the right approach, you could find it becomes one of the most profitable ways to market your products. If you’re keen to make money online, you can’t beat having access to a highly targeted network of people who are happy to respond to your marketing offers. When done the right way, social networking can be the key to unlock the future of your internet marketing career.

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