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An Easy Way to Start In Internet Marketing

Well it’s not really easy, but it’s a way that you can at least see some income from your efforts. I am talking of course about becoming an Amazon affiliate. Amazon have a huge affiliate scheme which they refer to as associates. Each of the main countries offer their own scheme which you apply to individually. Entry to each scheme is fairly straight forward, just make sure you have a half decent looking site available before hand.

Now you may have heard that Amazon don’t pay much commission and that is in fact true. It varies across the countries but it’s generally 4% and many of the countries have a cap on the commission from each item (in UK it’s £7). So it’s generally not worth targeting very expensive items – but the conditions vary so check them out properly first. Amazon have loads of neat affiliate tools and banners, you can even create your own Amazon E – Store – it’s not difficult and mostly is just cut and paste.

Amazon also only have a 24 hour cookie which means that you’ll only get credited for a sale in that period from visiting your site. It’s not much so you have to hope that your visitor buys quickly – fortunately the Amazon site is one of the highest converting on the internet. The real advantage is that many, many Amazon customers buy more than one item when they visit. You will then get the credit for any other purchase. Imagine you might send them to buy a pack of batteries and then they decide to spend a few hundred bucks on DVDs – it’s all commission and it does start to add up.

It’s best to send really focused buyers to Amazon – so target very specific products. Have a look at the best seller lists in Amazon and find out what’s selling, they’ll generally have good reviews as well – so if you send them a potential buyer they will often convert. To gather traffic try and create pages on very precise keywords – one tactic that works is to focus on a specific model of a product and target that model number. It works well with TVs and printers for example, create web sites targeting the model name but be careful about using brand names in your domain name. It will get you an advantage in the search engines but it could also get you attention from the company legal departments in some cases.

Some people make their sole living from using Amazon as a focus on their SEO marketing methods, and there’s no doubt that it works ok. You need volume to make significant returns but it’s a great place to start because the traffic converts so well.

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